Thursday, June 11, 2009

Before The Storm

(Every time I do my rounds and then update, and there is a new follower, I get totally giddy every. single. time. So thank you. You made my day.)

I had trouble getting pictures because the mother of all storms was blowing in and it made the light all funky.

June 10

When I was doing my last minute thing this AM, selecting something to wear…I came across these pants. They are…
1. Not black
2. Not Slim fit
3. Not leggings

I had forgotten about them to be honest as they are, in general, not my style. But they happened to be hanging near this top, which they look lovely with and so an outfit was born.

June 10

June 10

I am only including this last pic because I totally have crazy eyes in it.

June 10


Some details, including the stripes on the pants. (I am so glad I took a close up of that because it does not show up at all in any of the other pictures.)

June 10

June 10

June 10

Apparently I am really, really, really into these shoes right now, but can you blame me?.

Blouse, Pants and Shoes all Target
Necklace, self-made


Marieke said...

This is so pretty! It would make such a great 'wear to the office' summer outfit. Nice!

Jessica Chandler said...

I actually LIKE the pants...I thought that to myself before I read that you don't. ha. Typical, eh?

Penny said...

Super look very pretty in it:)

The Thrifty Stylist said...

well i'm just as pleased to have found your blog as you are to have new followers :) carry on!

Alannah said...

I *really* like those pants! Great outfit--I'm a big fan!

Fashion and more said...

looking great as per usual.

MissRedLips said...

i'm loving those shoes! i have been finding some really great things at Target recently, too! You look stylish but not overdone-love it!

eednic said...

LOVE. it. All.

i can has necklace?

The Monkey Attack Victim said...

Your fear of boot-cut is hilarious to me.

Sal said...

Love that floaty blouse ... and am seriously coveting your necklace. Off to see if it's for sale in your shop!

Anonymous said...

I've been reading for a while, and this is my firt time commenting...I really , really love this outfit! The pants are ulta-flattering on you!

Christine said...

I agree - those pants are super flattering. You always look great, but those pants really do look awesome. Sorry you don't really like them!

eednic said...

so. i read this here entry today. and in walks my co-worker Laura, wearing the same shirt! and i stopped by Target on my way home today and poured through the clearance racks and saw the shirt again: for the third time today.

too weird. i elected not to purchase it, however.

mindingmomma said...

that is a great outfit, love the blouse, envy over the necklace!

hello jamie: said...

I love those pants.