Thursday, June 4, 2009

Work, Work, you know ya gotta work, work

Lyrics by The Saturdays. I heard that song every time I walked down the hallway at work today (in my head) and strutted my stuff. This outfit made me feel like a WOMAN.

June 3

June 3

Yes. Light bounces off the whiteness that is my legs. Hopefully this is a testament to how young I will look when I get old and how much I will NOT be getting skin cancer, or as I call it “tanning cancer”

June 3

This skirt actually hits mid-calf, which is kind of a bad look on me sans boots, makes me feel stumpy. So I hiked that baby up right under my boobs and used my camisole to hold it in place.

June 3

Some detail shots…

May 5

June 2

May 5

Cardigan, Alternative
Skirt, Target
Blouse, Target
Shoes, Isaac Mizrahi for Target
Necklace and earrings, Love Erin Designs


Sal said...

Hah! Way to make that skirt work for YOU.

Who are you Weesha? said...

Cute outfit & I love those earrings!!

Jess said...

Nice work on the skirt- the fit looks great here!

Alannah said...

I totally used to do the same thing with one of my long black skirts! Woo for us!

That outfit looks great. LOVE the jewelry--I really like what you're making these days. <3

Fashion and more said...

Nice outfit, you always look so neat

Charlie said...

pencil skirts that give you a wiggle walk always make me feel feminine - you look great! love that floaty top!

Penny said...

My boyfriend always asks me when the casts are coming off (since I am also very pale).But your skin is really beautiful.Luckily the whole 'Twilight' fascination has made paleness cool again.

Trace said...

This outfit looks great on you! Love the skirt and the top, great acessories too. Your skintone is gorg! I think we all need to embrace our paleness!

Work With What You've Got said...

Trace, I got it pretty recently!~

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

I love that you mix prints...I need start doing that!