Sunday, June 28, 2009

Old People Hated It

The old people at Luby’s hated this outfit. I had one of those really strange experiences where I got a ton of dirty looks right in a row and all I did was walk from my table to the bathroom and back. They were either not a fan of the outfit or me in general; and I am a nice girl, so I blame the outfit.

June 24

I liked it though.

June 24

June 24

I got this pendant at a second hand store, and I love it. But a quick search of Etsy reveals that there a ton to choose from over there, some are even sterling silver. There are bronze ones, pewter, bones resin. There are all shapes too; humming birds, ravens, and sparrows. So if you like it I encourage you to have a look and support the hand crafted community.

June 24

It’s such a striking piece.

June 24

Yes. These make my ankles hot in June. I just stay indoors.

June 24

June 24

June 24

Now a question for you readers. If you were to choose, would you rather win a really nice, expensive scarf, or a new pair of jeans? I need to get back to the sponser soon so pipe in now!

Dress and belt, Target
Shoes, Jeffery Campbell
Necklace, second hand store
Earrings, Wal-Mart


Jess said...

I think the old people were just jealous they couldn't sport the dress :)

I'd vote for jeans..

Suz said...

I think I would vote for the jeans. I like those sandals by the way. What do they look like with skinny jeans?

Charlotte Sometimes said...

Bah! What do old people know!?
Cool sandals.

I vote for the jeans

nic said...

Jeans, definitely! You look cute, btw!

Stephanie N. said...

Given my major jeans-fitting challenges (the long legs and J-lo booty pose a problem... I can try on 20 pairs without success), I vote for the scarf. Sounds like I'm going to be out-voted, though!

I wonder if the old folks at that place are bothered by tattoos? Our generation doesn't blink twice at them, but it has taken all my grandparents a while to accept that this is simply what their grandkids do.

Layla said...

yeah, I wonder if the old folks got scared of your tatoo & your shoes too? ;)

love the dress!! :)

as someone who must try on tons of jeans to find such that fit (& an international reader:) I'd vote for the scarf too - as I'm new to the blog it's totally undersatandable that regular readers (possibly living on the same continent as you do) carry more weight though! :)

great blog!! :)

Jessica Chandler said...

They were looking at your tattoos, silly.
I'd go for jeans, but what on earth would I do with a scarf? Strangle Quinn probably...on accident of course.

Sher said...

I GOT MAIL! Thank you!!!

If the sponsor will let the person choose a size...then Jeans! (lucky for all of us that you have such a generous sponsor)

And this is one old lady that would love to wear your dress LOL!

Fashion and more said...

Did the old people actually said anything negative? or was it your imagination?
That dress looks fantastic on you.

Lizabeth xoxo said...

Old people don't know what they're talking about! Sheesh.

Oh, and jeans.

eednic said...

working with old people as I do, I will say they also do not like tattoos and/or think people should get them in places where they cannot be seen. the board members tell me this frequently, snd my tats are teeny baby tats! hahahha. i think you look fabulous so they can all just suck it! maybe they're pissed because you went to luby's by choice and they HAD to go! i don't know what that means really so um ... nevermind.

Connie said...

SCARF. Jeans are so HARD to find that fit just right. A nice scarf would be a timeless addition to any wardrobe.

Charlie said...

But that dress is so gorgeous I am seriously coveting it right now - and it seems like something old people would like, florals and ruffles are both very old person friendly. That necklace is a stunning piece.

I vote scarf!

TigerLily said...

hey i just found your blog through kasmira's site, and i enjoyed reading your blog ^^

Anyhoo, i like this combo, the dress looks great and the shoes are amazing! ^^

oH and i prefer new jeans of course ^o^


Courtney said...

Wow. Generation gap in action! I didn't even think about your tattoos as a cause for the reactions you described until I read the other readers' comments. I was going to go with the depth of the armpit holes (that was the only thing that seemed "too revealing" by senior citizen standards.)

I think it was the tats combined with the fact that you look like a "nice girl" by those standards if your tats aren't showing. It was probably difficult for them to reconcile the difference.

Love the skull pendant, btw!

Sarah said...

I love seeing the unique statement pieces you add to everyday outfits, and I kind of like the idea of you giving away something (the scarf) that would help others make their everyday outfits that bit more unique and amazing. I love being gifted "difficult" items that make me think creatively about my wardrobe.

Linda said...

A really nice expensive pair of jeans.
I find that shoes like those typically get dirty looks, my man and I walked by a girl wearing them I was thinking "fierce!" he goes "what the hell are those?".
Also...could it have been your (georgus) tattoo? old people + tattoos = dirty looks.

Tina said...

Way to shake things up at Luby's, Lady! Next time I go, I will wear fishnets to see what kind of reaction I get while eating my Luann platter. I do have to agree that it's probably your tattoos combined with your cutting edge shoes. But you look great, so who cares?

BAM said...

Dig the vote is for a scarf.

Boutique Girl said...

Scarf!! Will it be an international giveaway??

Jess said...

Bah- cute ruffly dresses deserve no dirty looks!

I vote scarf- jeans are just such a hassle, and personally I am less likely to get myself a fabulous scarf as I am to go jean hunting.

Justine said...

This is such a great outfit- I'm jealous!

estrella said...
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estrella said...

If it was old people, blame the sandals :)

And about the poll, I would say jeans...

Anusha said...

I vote for jeans, but I'm not big on scarves.

Adorable outfit! Those sandals are too cute. :o)

P.S.> Ignore old people's fashion advice/opinions. ;o)

Jasie VanGesen said...

I must have these shoes.

Hadley said...

This outfit is fabulous, particularly those freaking shoes. My god.

Sarah-Rose and Craig said...

Hi! I just came across your blog today and I love it. This post actually helped me - I have a tattoo appointment booked for August and well, my mother has started trying to bribe me to not get it done (it's my third) and while it's not changing WHAT I want to get, it's making me think twice about placement (upper arm) until this post!
Thanks. I'm going to go with what I really want to get done.