Monday, June 29, 2009

Friday Casual Wear

This is about as casual as I get.

June 26

I like my tees basic. I’m not a huge fan of graphic tees. I like a band tee here and there, mostly vintage and I occasionally find a graphic tee that I like, but it’s very rare. I prefer plain, because I like to accessorize, and I think that’s just cleaner with a plain tee.

June 26

June 26

I designed a few new things last week, and these earrings are one of them. They will be going in the shop this week, but unfortunately I only have the materials to make one other pair. This pair is mine though, and I love them!

June 26

This necklace is also something new for the shop. I debated it, because much like the key necklace and wing earrings, it contains gold toned elements that are just base metal and not brass or gold filled. In the end I find I can design so many cute things cheaply if I embrace the more costume-y pieces. And keeping costs down for both me and the buyer is a top priority right now.

June 26

The little circle is a snake. It’s actually meant as a toggle clasp, but I liked it so much I used it as a focal element.

June 26

June 26

Someone asked last week what color this polish is, and I keep meaning to look and tell you. I’ll try and remember tonight. But it’s a combination of two Sally Hansen colors. I know my feet look rough, but I got a pedicure the very next day so it’s all better now.

June 26

These shoes are great, but they have that gross foot bed thing going. Where the foot bed gets dark and looks really dirty and you can see the shape of your foot? So gross, and it always makes me think I need to replace them when I see them on the shoe shelf, but they are actually in great shape and probably have a few summers left in them!

Just so you know, I wore basically the same outfit the next day, with a black AA shirt instead of the teal. It’s just really comfy!

Tee, American Apparel
Jeans, Seven
Shoes, BC
Bunny pendant, Haute Hardware at Etsy
Snake pendant, Love Erin Designs at Etsy
Earrings, Love Erin Designs at Etsy
Snake bracelet, Urban Outfitters
Wood Bangle, Target


hello jamie: said...

you know I love circles in general but I love that snake pendant! I've always had that "snake eating its own tail" thing as a baby idea for a tattoo at some point. XOXOXO

Sal said...

Too bad those shoes got icky - they're gorgeous!

eednic said...

the color of your tee is extremely flattering on you. you should wear this color more often! lots of it!!

Lola said...

Oh please do share your toenail polish color - I actually was going to ask about it! (I painted my toenails gold this weekend, inspired by you! But it's not really the same color at all.)

Alannah said...

I love the snake necklace! In general, I think using real silver or gold-filled elements is important, but you can do both!

I have to look for some of those bird skull pieces on Etsy now~!


Shopaholic said...

totally love those shoes!

Sher said...

your bunny necklace reminds me of Watership Down. A kids book and movie ;) Love those gladiator sandals. I was just realizing I have not bought a pair this summer.

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