Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Love Love Love this outfit.

June 23

It’s been a while since I said it so I’ll just mention again that the American Apparel deep v tri-blend tee is a great investment. It’s a little pricy for a tee shirt, but it’s so flattering on almost everyone, and so versatile. It looks just as great with jeans and flip flops as it does with a dressy skirt and heels.

June 23

One of the great things about this outfit, other than the flattering fit, is the fact that it transitions really well from work to home and then out with just a change of pants. For home I threw on some jeans and to go out I could wear the black leather skirt I love so much.

June 23

(I start sweating the moment I start setting up the tripod. Days like this I almost consider chopping off my hair. I just need to admit it’s got to start going up on a daily basis from now until, oh….October.)

June 23

I actually put a LOT of thought into this particular stack. I wanted to showcase a few of the more rock and roll pieces I have, like the hand made skull necklace that was one of the first pieces I made from PMC (silver clay) as well as the bullet necklace and the bird skull I just picked up.

June 23

I am so lazy that I still need to break these in, so they are comfortable enough but not great yet. I also have a hard time making myself wear them. I am normally not a fan of owning things so nice that you fear wearing them, but these are one such item. They are suede and I paid more than I normally pay for shoes for them, plus, LOOK at them. They are super hot. But I need to wear them more. What is the point in owning something if you don’t wear it, right? And let’s face it, every day God gives us is a reason in and of itself to dress up if we want.

June 18

winged hoops

Vneck, American Apparel
Pants, Wal-Mart
Shoes, Sigerson Morrison for Target
Skull pendant, hand made by me
Bullet necklace, self-made
Chains, thrifted
Bird Skull, second hand shop
Blue horn pendant, Urban Outfitters (? I’ve had this for years)
Wood Bangle, Target
Snake Bracelet, Urban Outfitters
Earrings, Love Erin Designs at


Unknown said...

You're wearing every necklace BUT the one I ordered from you last week :)

Love that handbag you're carrying too!

Anonymous said...

I love the American Apparel deep v tees as well, but they have a baby blue colour that is almost unflattering in fit and it seems to be made from some sort of material that just attracts sweat. I have a raspberry one, two black, one grey and that blue one, and while the blue is cute, I always feel half-naked with it on, and totally have to watch my underarms when I have it on.

I love your outfits Erin. Soo pretty.


Anonymous said...

Jewelry is great, as always !
I have thought about getting an AA shirt for forever, even visiting the store and holding it in my hands, but the price always changed my mind. I'm a major cheap-o sometimes.

Pageants: Thanks for your advice. I want to do it to show girls that you don't have to be rail thin, but to still go out there and be brave. At this point, I'm not even really interested in winning, as long as the cost to compete doesn't completely leave me living on Baltic Ave. in Monopoly land. If I decided to do it, season here starts in September or so, and I will keep everyone updated on my blog.

Jewelry: Your advice? Fantastic. And, that elephant's head was like $4, killer. I love it. Right now, I am only working with hemp, as I know how to do hemp and am more comfortable with it. After I finish these, I am going to try and order some chains and maybe earring material. The biggest hurdle for me is going to be getting over my pickiness with jewelry right now, because like you said, I'm going to have to advertise my creations.

Your kind words were very much appreciated!
Love your blog!
Keep on truckin'!
Lizabeth xoxo

eednic said...

if you don't feel like wearing those shoes honey, i'll wear them for you!! >:O

i know what you mean though about having some nice things and not wanting to ruin them. i'm less that way with clothes and more that way with *gasp* towels. my mom bought me a complete set of gorgeous towels for my birthday 2 years ago!!! and i still haven't used a single one of them. but i like to stare at them all nicely folded in the cabinet and admire them sometimes. ahhhhh.

Cindy said...

"And let’s face it, every day God gives us is a reason in and of itself to dress up if we want."

Truer words could not be spoken! I wrote this on a Post-It and stuck it on my bathroom mirror. You're quite the theologian, Miss ErinDish! :)
Cindy (cjm on @)

Kyla said...

That is my FAVORITE t-shirt of ALL TIME! I, too, wear it with everything, from dressy to sweats. Unfortunately, it's also the t-shirt that was viciously attacked by olive oil on Monday and was ruined :( Time to re-invest.

Candycane said...

I love that last quote - I keep looking in my wardrobe at some of my more "nicer" clothes and think - no I can't wear them yet I have to save them .....

Maybe I'll take a leaf out of your book :)

Sal said...

That is a truly fantastic necklace pile. All your meticulous planning paid off!

Linda said...

shoes are killer...where from?

Linda said...

P.S. I bought these deep v-tshirts from Victoria's secret when I was in NYC...They are uber soft, long and very flattering...for those of you who are "too Cheap" to get them from AA, they were $20.00 for 2 at Victoria's Secret.

A said...

I have wanted more of those AA shirts since I got the black one in TX (& I got the green in SF, since they didn't have my size when I was with you)!

I'm proud that you're wearing more pants lately. I always think dresses are more "you" but the pants look so flattering on you--I'm glad you're working them into your wardrobe more!

love home|life|style said...

I am so jealous of your amazing jewellery collection...

Trace said...

Love everything about this outfit. Now I want to get one of those AA tops. I got some v-neck tees from JCrew last week and they are okay, but too long and stretchy. I need a good white one. LOVE the shoes.

daughterofmartha said...

I like pairing multiple necklaces, but I would stay away from other jewelry so that attention is drawn to the right place. The snake bracelet is lovely, but is overshadowed by the massive wooden cuff. Less is more!

Nana Erin said...

It's in the mail, and I've already sold another. The red is popular it seems!~

You're a gem.

Awww "ErinDish" is my all time favorite nickname BTW, and I love that you all call me that. <3

the shoes are limited edition Sigerson Morrison for Target from last year. Sorry!

I've heard that less is more.

But I'm a MORE is more kind of girl. I am personally a huge fan of the way those two bracelets look together, they are my favorite pairing right now.

Unknown said...

"every day God gives us is a reason in and of itself to dress up if we want."


Jane W. said...


Do AA tee-shirts run small, large, etc.?

Linda said...

darn! Two things I don't have in Toronto...Target and last season.

Cammila said...

Ooh I love your studded shoes!

Ms. Falcon said...

I love the aa v neck shirts, too. If you have an 'bad-dress-up- day' this tees will help you out... ; )

The studded peeptoes look brilliant on you!


hello jamie: said...

I finally ponied up and got the black one. Are you proud of me?

andrea said...

you truly do look awesome, i love your blog:)