Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I’m Your Secretary

I love a good “secretary” blouse.

June 9

June 9

I love them more with leggings and some fierce heels.

June 9

Look at those baggy knees though!~ Those are the result of sitting cross legged in my chair at work. I knew when I was doing it, it would mean that I had to launder those pants (I do not wash every time I wear), but I did it anyway.

June 9

These still killed my feet, but they still looked amazing. So I still wore them!

June 9

June 9

Blouse, Target
Denim Leggings, Target
Shoes, Old Navy
Chains, Thrifted
Earrings, self made


Kasmira said...

Gorgeous blouse! Is it a recent Target purchase? Can I copy you?

Sal said...

Those heels are worth the pain. ;)

Jess said...

Those heels are still hot!

Tina said...

I agree, I love a good secretary blouse too!

Anonymous said...

Love how you didn't tie the shirt's ties in a bow for a more laid back feel. Also, those shoes are so worth the pain!

Geek Girl said...

Love the blouse - the pattern is gorgeous - killer heels indeed!

J said...

Those shoes are amazing! I think Old Navy in Canada needs to step up its game, I would never find anything like that here.

Fashion and more said...

Looking great as per usual

eednic said...

it's perfectly logical to wear hott shoes that hurt. i think.

i mean. i do it all the time! or. a lot. often.

beauty isn't always pain, but sometimes it is!!

my words of wisdom for this thursday, june 11th, 2009. let's hope they aren't my last, as i have a big important meeting today.