Monday, August 10, 2009

Art Conspiracy

I was volunteering last Friday at the Art Conspiracy SEED benefit.

So I ran home from work, showered and didn’t change. I just put back on what I was wearing. I did change out of the heels since I didn’t know what the standing situation would be and these are not the best for extended periods of standing around.

August 7

I had put contacts in to shave my legs (hey, I like to see what I am doing with that razor, and I am BLIND), and sort of took the pics with them in before I remembered I really prefer the way I look in glasses, and proceeded to put them back on before I left. I just find that after all these years in glasses, I am so used to the way it changes the shape of my face that I prefer it now.

August 7

August 7

I had a couple people mentioned this reminded them of “The Neverending Story”
August 7

At work Pilar explained to Lauren I was wearing this Saint bracelet because I am now a Mexican Catholic. Which cracked me up, because hat’s basically the same joke my mother makes every time I wear Saint Jewelry. I remain Protestant, and in love with the art of Catholicism.

August 7

I had fun, here are a couple pics from the photobooth...

Jen (left) and Kristin (right) won those lamps in the auction. Theye were awesome. Mikal (middle) and I worked the merch booth and took thier payments. Ha!


And here I am with Erin from Haute Hardware and Rod (bottom right) and Bill (bottom left)


Top, Urban Outfitters
Denim Leggings, Target
Ankle boots, Target
Necklace, self made
Bangle, Target
Saint Bracelet, Mexico
Bag, Hoakon Helga


A said...

Is that the first time you've had that bag in your blog? I love it! I hadn't even thought about it being strange that you weren't wearing your glasses until you mentioned it but I can't remember the last picture you had without them on! You rock glasses like nobody else. <3

Yay, Bill, Erin & Rod make an appearance in WWWYG! HOT.

Sal said...

That necklace is SO "Neverending Story"! Love it.

Anonymous said...

Uh...yeah, I don't remember ever seeing that bag before either, but it is amazing!

And yeah, I'm the same way with my glasses. I have contacts now, but I almost never wear them and it freaks me out to look at myself in the mirror with them in because I look like a different person--freaky!!!

Unknown said...

You all look like you're having way too much fun for a benefit ;)

Indiana Adams said...

You MADE that necklace? It's amazing! I love it! Good job!

SHOEGAL said...

I am blind too - I know what you mean about needing to see to shave your legs! Dumb question - is it OK to shower with your contacts in? I tried it once when I wasn't washing my hair but I'm not sure!

Jeanne said...

I also now, after years of previously wearing contact, prefer myself in glasses. I think I look a little "nekkid" without them.

PS - You inspired me to rock my cowboy boots with a dress last week. Thanks for that!

GFS said...

Don't you hate when people ask when are you gonna have kids? (I'm 33 and no kids)...I always say "You act like you don't want the ones YOU got!"