Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Wal-Mart House of Fashion

I had to get new tires this weekend. At Wal-Mart. It was pretty lame. I mean, who wants to spend almost $500 on TIRES? Not me. Or an hour hanging out at Wal-Mart? Again, not me. Then the guy changing them broke my hubcap. He seemed to think this was going to enrage me, but it didn’t. I didn't really care to be honest. And then he gave me not 1 new hubcap, but 4. And they are SO SHINY that they made my husband laugh. Because my car, you guys? Not shiny. Not a glamorous car at all. I have always been a hand-me-down car kind of girl, due to my horrible driving skills. Nathan gets the new cars. I get the old. There is less drama that way when I inevitably scratch, dent and then wreck said cars.

(Oh hey tangent!~) My point is that while I was there, I had a look at the clothes. And I was impressed. I ended up getting 3 tops for 10 bucks each. Not on sale. Just 10 bucks. Retail. And they are cute. I also had a look at the new Miley and Max line and while I didn’t feel it was suited to my body shape, they did have a lot of cute stuff if you are more of a straight up and down shape.

Anywhoodle, this blouse was on of the 3 I picked up (for $10 bucks each!)

August 17

It’s a bib front tunic hippy blouse number, and I got a ton of compliments on it at work. And in true bargain lover form, I told every single one of the people who complimented me where I got it, that they had other colors, and how much it was.

August 17

In other news, over a year and a half after cutting them, my bangs are finally long enough to braid and tuck to the side again. I am so glad to get a break from the Baby Morrissey hair-do, you have no idea. I like it, and I still think it’s cute, but I have felt married to it for far too long. They are still not long enough to blend into the rest of my hair, but at least this is something different.

August 17

The blouse has so many colors!~ I loved that it had the little bits of grey, which meant I could wear grey shoes with it. I have a soft spot for grey shoes.

August 17

This photo serves no purpose. I just liked it.

August 17


August 17

A gold cuff…
August 17

And owl earrings. I made these myself. The owls are available at Michael’s (and I think I even saw them in silver last time I was there), and all you need are two owls and a couple of ear wires. Easy peasy. I got lots of compliments on these as well. Less than 10 bucks, and too easy not to make!

August 17

Blouse, Wal-Mart
Denim Leggings, Target
Shoes, Target
Cuff, Wal-Mart
Earrings, self made


hello jamie: said...

hey I have a necklace that matches those earrings! ps> you made it for me at the japanese steakhouse- hahahaha.

love the blouse, love the shoes, and your hair looks really pretty.

Tangie said...

Love the blouse! I'm so into hippie tunic tops like that! I guess I will have to make a stop by Wal-Mart even though I hate shopping there! You can't beat $10!

And I love gray shoes too! I just have the hardest time finding CUTE gray shoes.

Thanks doll!

Anonymous said...

Very cute indeed! I hardly ever go to Walmart, but I almost always buy some clothing item or other when I do go. Sounds like they've got some good stuff right now!

eednic said...

generally i despise Teh WalMart, but I must admit they've had some cute clothing items appearing on their racks (aheahehaheha i said racks!) lately! my white blazer is from there and it's super crisp and vunderbahr and was only $13.

oh hai! i like your shoes too!!!

Sal said...

Hah! I never realized it, but you're right: All bargain lovers will tell complimentors price, store, and availability. It's a primal instinct!

The blouse is a fab find indeed.

Linda said...

That cuff is georgus! I cant believe its from walmart. I need to stop being such a snob. You look smashing.

lorena said...

I loved the title.... !
House of Fashion... :0)
The blouse is lovely - I have been able to pick up some cute stuff in Walmart.
Specially solid color items, like LBD and velvet jackets, they carry a brand called George that has really good fitting..

Anonymous said...

I FREAKING LOVE OWLS! i may have to get you to make me some earrings (or necklace) when i get some money!! <3<3<3

Sarah R said...

I bought 5 tanks tops for $7 each at Walmart about two weeks ago. I mean, for reals. Who can beat that. And not in just drab colors, the one I'm in now is royal blue. And living in a hot climate, I covet my tank tops. Yes I do.

Kasmira said...

*goes to Michael's for owl charms*

Thanks for the tip!

Kelly said...

Your regular hairdo is fine of course but the change looks so fresh!

Those shoes = too cute

FashionAddict said...

Love the whole outfit from the shoes to the new top! I am going to have to check out Walmart.

Jane W. said...

Super cute top--lurve the print. And I, too am the hand-me-down-car-half of our marriage. Between 1997 and 2004 I was in four, count em, four accidents. Two were my fault. True story.

Monique said...

I have that Owl charm! Only I made it into a necklace. :)

Leina said...

That blouse looks really good on you. :)

I love going to Wal-Mart for clothes and shoes. There are these nice L.e.i. tanktops that are 5-bucks each, so I'm going to stock up on those. And, today, my manager complimented my shoes today, and I proudly told her I got them at Wal-Mart.

Sheila said...

I love the grey shoes. I must admit, I have not been inside a Walmart in oh...10 years? We have one outside of town, but since I don't drive, I never go there.

Heh, I do that with bargains too!

Ella said...

Gorgeous outfit. I wish i had access to US shops such as Walmart and Target (which in my head, I always pronounce Tarjay, ever since an American friend of mind told me they all pronounce it like that as a joke). I lived in Northern California for 6 months in 2007-08 and I sure did make the most of Target then. Sigh. Oh well, at least we have Topshop and Primark.

Erin, you would love Primark!

Anonymous said...

i just bought me 3 of the owls! ha! say hellow to a new necklace and earrings! i think i saw the silver one you mentioned but it's a different style. thnk you SO MUCH for the heads up!!

gina said...

The earrings are adorable!

CindyinSC said...

Love that blouse. I might have to wander in the dreaded WM after all. Also, you should wear those gray shoes with whatever. They are somewhat neutral and don't need to be matchy-matchy.