Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Style Bun

I wore pretty much the same thing as the day before. Just without the wrap.

August 4

Because, why not? Am I right? I felt good, I looked good. I’ll stick with it another day.

August 4

I always think of this dress as “The Dress I Paid Full Price For At Urban”, because I did. And I normally do not. I used Christmas money to buy it and threw caution to the wind and bought it on the spot instead of hoping that they still had my size when it went on sale. I’m not sorry! I like this dress. I like it all $58 worth.

August 4

Ok, you guys, those boots make this like “thuck thuck” sound when I walk, because the boot top slaps against my legs. And for some reason I am slightly concerned people will think it is my thighs that are making that sound. I have no idea why, I have never seen (heard?) thighs make a sound like that. But you know. We have weird body paranoia sometimes, you know?

August 4

(I am not wearing these today. I sort of had to say “I challenge you NOT to wear the boots a third day in a row, as it is very boring and predictable” And I rose to the challenge*)

August 4


August 4

August 4

I am personally really pleased with the way the gold tone is wearing off of this key to reveal a coppery layer underneath. I think it adds a layer of interest. I also think it makes it look well loved. But mostly I just think the colors are pretty.

I also wore my hair the same way two days in a row in this new style bun I came up with. (I know I did not actually come up with it. I totally saw it in like, Allure or something, but whatever.)

New Bun

I like how it looks slightly messy, and I like the element of volume that the headband adds.

New Bun

*(Should I put this in parenthesis because the original * was in parenthesis? I have no idea. But just so you know, I like both parenthesis and the WORD parenthesis.) Basically today’s outfit is a highly reactionary outfit. I read something yesterday that bugged me and I dressed exactly the way it said not to. I’ll totally tell you all about it tomorrow when I post the pics from today.

Dress, Urban Outfitters
Boots, Thrifted
Earrings and Necklace, Love Erin Designs at Etsy


BAM said...

I love the boots with the dress! I'm impressed you're wearing them in the summer. This makes me want to wear mine tomorrow, but they make me all kinds of sweaty in Houston.

hmmm...maybe I'll wear them in the office but change once I leave the a/c.

Sal said...

I just can't master the intentionally-mess-hair looks. Clearly, you can!

Anonymous said...

That dress is adorable!

And hurrah for being reactionary!

hello jamie: said...

Hahahaha, remember when we both paid full price for that dress at the same time? I love mine and actually wore it yesterday as well-- weird, right? I wore mine with tight but otherwise the rest of it was the same-- bun, boots, et al. Sadly my jewelry is never as beautiful as yours but I guess I was channeling you to the best of my ability.

Linda said...
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Kasmira said...

Your thigh-slapping-sound paranoia cracks me up!

I love the boots. What do you think of cowboy boots with short shorts. Not Daisy Duke short, but close. I'm a daredevil, so I'll try it this weekend. Do you think it's too sexy? Too cheesy? Bet you see some of that combo in TX.

Nana Erin said...

Not out of the question. You know, I am in Dallas. I keep flip flops in the car. My commute is not long enough for it to matter, but it used to be, and I just wore them on the way there!

It boggles the mind really, that WE made a mutual decision to paid retail. It’s just not how we roll.

I am not going to Finland, but I will accept your award. Ahahahah. *Dreams of Finland*

GIRL, you know me. I say do what you want! Try it, if it’s too over the top you’ll know. But I bet it looks cute.

Linda said...

I am so sorry, I am dumb. I wrote a generic one to a friend of mine and ended up posting it on most people's blogs...whoops. I was just going to correct myself with..

I nominated you for the Kreativ blogger award....if you haven't already done it you have to name 7 interesting things about yourself and list 7 more poeple who deserve it.
Please visit my post...

haha, I'm so dumb.

Unknown said...

Loving the new hair style. I used to have cowboy you look awesome in yours!

Kayla Rochelle said...

At work I often have to wear gollashes. They make the same sound! It's so weird, but I know that because everyone can see my plaid blue boots that it is not my skin making that sound and instead the rubber on my feet. I'm sure it's the same with you!

A said...

That dress is so cute and different. I would have wanted it at full price too! It looks adorable on you.

I LOVE my key necklace. It looks perfect with lots of different outfits & I wear it all the time! Just so you know~!