Friday, August 28, 2009

I Hate Wasps.

I gave my new boots a try today! They are so super comfortable.

August 27

My cheap socks, however, are not. I have really got to try and buy some nicer socks this year. I buy cheap socks every years and it never works out.

August 27

This pant and blouse combo is pretty much a “fall back” kind of outfit at this point. I know I will feel good in it no matter how many sandwiches I eat. I like an outfit that leaves room for a sandwich.

August 27

I can’t wait to be able to throw my shrunken biker jacket over it though!~
For now I have to settle for just jewelry to change it up…

August 27

August 27

August 27

Don’t you just love the near instant gratification factor of ordering from Zappos? I pretty much always get them before 10 AM the next day, and they have free shipping BOTH ways, so there is no risk if you don’t like the items, or they don’t fit.

August 27

They are by Blowfish, and they are perfect!~ Comfortable, a bit funky, and the heel is just right.

Some days I take my detail shots first, and some days I take them last. Today, I was lucky that I shot them first because... I saw a wasp. I am terrified of wasps. For serious, terrified. I panic. And this is what the first stage of that looks like:

August 27

I saw a wasp, and that was it. If you click through to the bigger version you can see the combination of uncertainty, fear and hatred in my eyes. I was lucky that I had already gotten all the shots I needed for the day! Because I tell you what, that shoot was over regardless!~

Blouse, Target
Pants, Target
Ankle boots, Blowfish via Zappos
Shield necklace, Haute Hardware
Disc necklace, Forever XXI
Watch, Fossil
Gold and silver bracelet, Lara
Beaded bracelet, self made


Lorena said...

WOw that disc necklace is screaming out my name !

SHOEGAL said...

Love the new header bar!
And I feel that way about wasps too!

Alannah said...

I am such a fan of the big lead photo! I'm so glad you've been doing them & I hope other people appreciate them like I do~!

That necklace is great. I definitely have to find time to go to Forever 21 asap. Also, those pants are so flattering. Room for a sandwich or not, they look great!

Sorry about the wasp! :(

The Thrifty Stylist said...

i've never ordered from zappos- every time i go and click on the "under $30" tab, they tell me there are no results :( my fiance has done well with them, though. new sketch of you is way cool :D i had just approached a graphic designer about cartooning me, so please don't feel like i stole the idea when it goes up o_O

WendyB said...

I love that wasp photo -- and I share your feeling about anything that stings.

Jess said...

I love for the same reasons :)

I hate wasps. When we moved into our house there were easily over a dozen little nests under the hand rail on our deck thanks to the house being empty for 2 years prior. Stupid wasps keep trying to set up home base again- not on my watch!

Kristen said...

Love the boots, but I love that blouse even more! Is that from this season at Target?

Indiana Adams said...

The boots are great! They got here quick, no?

Charlie said...

Love the boots! Wasps not so much - the fear! the fear!

godsfavoriteshoes said...

I love your MiSketch! Don't be mad if get one of my own!!

FashionAddict said...

Ugh, I hate wasps, too. But you look great, and that jewelry is beautiful. I like your new header, BTW!

Trace said...

Love the boots! And of course love Zappos. I hear you on the cheap socks, I do the same thing. If you ever want to splurge on socks, Smart Wool socks are the way to go! SO COMFY and last forever!