Thursday, August 20, 2009

Denim Leggings at Forever XXI :D

(There are no pics today because I went to the movies last night. I saw the Time Travelers Wife and I LOVED it. I have read the book more times than I care to say, and while the movie was different, I felt like they did a great job giving me small snapshots of the book in film format. Haters to the left, mkay?)

I know some of you are looking so I am happy to report Forever XXI has denim leggings. The sales girl said they JUST got them in. I tried on two styles last night. The first is a pair of stretchy, denim side zip cigarette pants. More pant than legging, but still a very slim fit. They were about $13.00. They fit true to size (I wear a 30*, and that was the largest size they seemed to carry, but they did fit very true to size) and looked very nice on. Very flattering, not TOO tight. The ankle is not AS tight as the ankle on my target jeans and while a slim fit, still had room to go over a pair of ankle boots. I couldn’t find them on the site (I can’t even figure out if they class them as pants, jeans or leggings to be honest!) I purchased a pair of these., because come ON, $13 bucks!

The second was VERY similar to my Target denim leggings. I found them on the site here. I’m not posting a picture because the picture is kind of a bad picture, you can’t see what they look like at all, just dark tight pants. They are calling them an elastic waist skinny jean. Again, very good fit. Size 30 fit me really well. Not too tight, no muffin top, no pulling, (no camel toe!). Not AS tight at the ankle as the Target leggings, but slim enough to fit into boots without effort. These were about $20 bucks. I did not purchase them as I already have a couple pair of denim leggings but I will probably go back. They were not AS sturdy or nice as the ones I have from Target, but at $20, they were nice enough that I plan to purchase a pair.

Now can we just talk accessories for a minute? In the past I have not been super temtped by Forever XXI’s accessories section. I’ve found sunglasses and the occasional bangle, but on average…meh. Last night however I felt like a junkie in a heroin shop, y’all. I had to have a conversation with myself about not buying everything. In the end I got 3 pairs of earrings, 2 bracelets and a necklace. For under $20. That’s right you guys, and I am not even rounding down!~ It was bananas in there. The earrings I fell in love with are, of course, not on the site, but I am wearing them today and they look like something you’d find at an estate sale. Just gorgeous.

And that’s all I have to say about that! Pics of the new earrings and cigarette pant/leggings tomorrow.

*I’m 5’7” and I can tell you that I weigh between 135 and 145 and that’s all I know. I find that weighing myself causes obsessive behavior and as such I gauge my weight mostly on how my clothes fit. If they are tight, I’m heading to 145, if they are lose, I’m heading to 135. Right now they fit just right.


Monique said...

I really need to try a pair of those $13 suckers! Hopefully my Forever has them in. We have some Hue brand at work for $26(I think) but that is a little steep for something I don't know if I will even like. Can't wait to see pics!

Linda said...

wow you are a jewelry aholic...maybe you should start so JAA!
Hey! Did the earrings you ordered from me find you well>

BAM said...

You are an awesome slueth...I'll have to check those out!

jro said...

first time commenter, hello erin, it' s jro! ;)

i just wanted to attest to the denim leggings from faith 21 (the forever 21 plus size online shop) for any of your curvier readers. i range from a 14/18 depending on the store and have a pair in 1X and 2X that fit wonderfully. i have them in faded black and indigo and always receive compliments when i wear them. i know even average sized fashionistas sometimes have sizes issues at F21 and wanted to share for the curvy ladies reading and shopping. You have to order them online - but they were only $13 and F21 often has free shipping. so - there you go. hooray - for the jeggings!

Work With What You've Got said...

Jro!~ hey, girl hey!~ Thank you SO MUCH. That is so good to hear. I think they can be flattering on pretty much any body when worn the right way! Also I bet you look great in them and they would only serve to intensify the serious girl crush I have on you.

V said...

I have an issue with F21 cheap and so cute, how can you pick just one? My only beef w/them is that the gold stuff turns like after you wear it's ridic!

Alannah said...

Oh man, I hope you'll take pictures of the jewelry you got! I have looked so many times there and just been disappointed so I mostly don't even bother any more. If you found some cute stuff, though, then I need to start checking again!

I still don't think I could get away with wearing leggings (of any kind)--I feel like I am pushing it sometimes when I wear my tightest pair of skinny jeans. I really need to tone up before I get into leggings. :/

Anyway, I'm so glad you loved the movie--I was really wondering since I've heard really mixed reviews. I would've been so bummed if they ruined your book (it'll always be YOUR book to me)!

Emily Joyce said...

erin, i love you! i'm so excited to fill the void in my heart for jeggings. and thanks to jro for the plus size info, i'm a size 12/14, so i'm gonna try the faith line. wooo!