Friday, August 7, 2009


I don’t know kids. I can’t come up with anything else for a title. I looked pretty. It’s just FACTS. I think so many of us have issues saying that, or even feeling it, and when I do, I’m just going to be honest about it. I looked really pretty.

August 6

August 6

I am wearing the heck out of this hand me down shrug. Yay for hand me downs!

August 6

But I still look pretty without it (not for the office, or should I say, not for MY office *wink wink*)

August 6

I went with flats this time because I am still loving the combination of a floral print and a snakeskin . I had to be super careful going up stairs not to step on my dress. There was less than an inch between the hem and the floor.

August 6

I also love a bug accessories with a floral print. Because bugs like flowers. And it’s the little things that amuse me.

August 6

Lara made this and gifted it to me after I swooned over the one she made for herself.

August 6

OK, she really needs to start selling. I just love her stuff and I get lots of compliments on it. And I love this piece because I love to mix my metals and it’s so simple, but so genius, to put silver beads on a gold chain. An instant classic.

Dress, Target
Shrug, hand me down from Lara
Sandals, Victoria’s Secret
Earrings, chainchainchained at Etsy
Bracelet, gift, handmade by Lara


Anonymous said...

I don't think I've told you this before, but I really, really, really love that dress on you. It's true! And hurrah for the bugs!

Linda said...

you do looks smashing. You are so incredible to order something from my etsy shop, you really are!
I will be sending you something through email as a token of my gratitude! It will be fabulous!

Thanks again!

Sal said...

You DO look pretty, and good on ya for saying so!

Wendy Brandes said...

Great dress!

Kiki said...

Beautiful! The dress is gorgeous on you!

Audi said...

You do look very pretty indeed. That dress looks amazing on you.

FashionAddict said...

Love that dress! I tried the blue one on, but it is too short for me, BOO! Looks great on you though!

BAM said...

That dress is very pretty on you and I'm craving a pair of those earrings. We've had a couple cicadas this year around the house and they are kinda cool bugs.

Cara said...

"Because bugs like flowers. And it’s the little things that amuse me."
That line made my day!

Anonymous said...

I love that dress on you! The cardigan/shrug makes it special! I wish that I could pull off a maxi dress like this. It gives me height envy!!!

btw - i like that you think of teal as a neutral and thanks for the post! I wear green alot and often think of it as a neutral as well.

regina said...

oooh and those earrings!!! hehe

Honeybunches of Roses said...

I am so digging your look today... rocker in a lady like fashion :-)

Sara said...

That bracelet is great!

Jodie said...

I love that dress! I think it would dress up so nicely with heels as well (possibly the kind of heels where you dance and then you sit down). The shrug is so cute with it and revealing your tattoo makes it more edgy pretty.

michelle said...

Love the dress! Hey; I sent you an evite for a little birthday party for Keira. I dont even know if the email address I have for you is right, so PLEASE tell me if you didn't get it! I know its completely last minute, but we would LOVE for you and nathan to make it, so we can see ya'll for a little! And Keira would love it.

eednic said...

pretty is right! pretty dress! pretty shoes! pretty bracelet! PRETTY!!!!!