Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Spelling On This Award Really Bugs Me

I’ve been given this award a few times now, by really lovely bloggers. And I’ve never actually followed through and posted “7 random things about myself”.


So here you go. Try not to fall asleep.

1)I have been married for 11 years to a wonderful man. There have been times when our relationship seemed seamless and easy, and times when it took a lot of work. When we met I was 19 years old. I was a child. I am 33 now, and I look back and see that we became who we are together, and although we are both very different now than we were, we remain very different than each other. (This manifests itself most clearly in our musical tastes. When we met we both loved The Smiths and Oasis and Gene. We still do. But now, Nathan enjoys really difficult, intellectual, hard to understand, obscure stuff. I enjoy the pop sounds of Girls Aloud, Ms. Spears and The Saturdays)

Nathan and Erin

2)I have no children. And I’d like to take this opportunity to get on my soapbox and say that if you meet a 33 year old woman, and she has been married for 11 years, it is really, really not a good idea to ask her why she has no children. Think about it. Sure, it’s possible that she is childfree by CHOICE, but what if she isn’t? Just don’t ask. It’s really, really rude. And none of your business really.

/soapbox. (Also don’t ask WHEN or IF. Also rude.)

(Ummm. Sorry. I got really serious and cranky there for a minute. Ha!)

3)I love cupcakes. I live for cupcakes. Please send me cupcakes. I like pretty much all flavors but my favorites are vanilla and strawberry. Or champagne. This is a new flavor discovery, and now it’s like everyone makes them. And also coconut. Basically any cupcake will do though.

4) My next tattoo will be to connect the star on the back of my neck to the ones on my forearm via my shoulder and upper arm. It’s not happening anytime soon, since we are still a one income household. But I’m planning on it. After that Nathan suggested a cupcake. With wings. And a halo. On my upper back. I am not opposed.

after 2

5) I am currently totally and completely obsessed with Girls Aloud. I just can’t get enough (which is a Saturdays song*, I know, but they OPENED for Girls Aloud, see?). I have all of the DVDs** and CDs available as well as the recent singles boxed set. My favorite DVDs to watch are the Tangled Up Tour DVD and the Girls Aloud Style DVD which has most of the videos. (I have to change DVDs to watch Call the Shots and Can’t Speak French). I cannot wait for the Out of Control Tour DVD to come out. Mostly because I saw the Sky showing and they basically butchered the show as far as I can tell. So I am excited about the DVD. (My favorite songs right now are “Long Hot Summer”, “Memory of You” and “Singapore”. This will change next week.) If you have never seen them I would suggest starting with a you tube live performance. Live they are just wicked cool. They are amazing vocalists as well as dancers.





6) I love lol cats, but not real cats. I don’t HATE real cats or anything, but I am a dog person through and through. I just find that *pictures* of cats are cuter and funnier than pictures of dogs.


7) I love to dance. I am terrible at it. Just dismal. But I love it.

erin twirl eh

edwin and erin
(My brother. Isn't he handsome?)

And there you have it. I am not re-tagging because I think you have all already done it at some point and if you haven't please do. I find these entertaining when others do them not matter how boring I think it might be when I do.

* I am aware it's a Depeche Mode cover.

**Ok, so I don't have Ghost Hunting with Girls Aloud, but that's because Nadine did not participate. Girls Aloud - a Girl Aloud is NOT = Girls Aloud. Plus I hate that show, it's just dumb.


Penny said...

Thank you for comment #2!!! Couldn't have said it/written it better myself:)

MissRedLips said...

lol i love reading the random facts. it felt so weird/boring when i wrote mine, but it's definitely entertaining to read everyone else's! :-)

now you have me wanting cupcakes!

Lorena said...

This was fun !
Some truths said, I could not agree more on #2.
I should make a pin out of it and wear it.

Linda said...

Ugh I can never guess people's ages correctly. I would say "I never pegged you as 33" but I just don't know what 33 looks like anymore. You are very glowing and vibrant and young looking however. :)
I love your grumpiness about the baby factor. A friend of mine at work got married last year and everyone is always surveying her stomache to see if she is growing. People always ask her too. Why do people do that? Italians are the WORST too. Another friend of mine was asked the day she was married, at the reception when she was planning to have kids. I agree with you and think you should make a Public Service Announcement about it..."The more you know"...

Linda said...

P.S. Lorena, if you make that pin I will wear one with you.

Anonymous said...

the fashion in your blog never fails to inspire me. every time i see a new post, i think to myself "if only i could wear THAT to work!"
but i especially love blogs like this one that she even more of your personality. you make me giggle.
and if youre ever in the DC area, let me know so i can treat you to some cupcakes.

Anonymous said...

I still totally want one of those gold dresses--ha!

And it's fun to see what your brother looks like--now I can picture him when you talk about him!

Anonymous said...
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Renee[Q][C] said...

ugghhh I totally feel you on others baby fever! I have a pretty strict no baby thing right now. Ive only been married for a yr!! And I get super pissed and snotty when asked.

Like when did that become socially acceptable?

Sal said...

Cannot WAIT to see the star-connection tattoo. Whenever it happens ...

eednic said...

i figured you knew i was gonna come in here and lay down some LAW about the depeche mode reference, cuz i'm crazy cool like that, but i see you headed me off at the pass (gas).

Sher said...

11 yrs before I had kids....sorry you're not out of the water yet LOL!

I know exactly what you mean, maybe I had kids just to shut everyone up. I've no willpower ;D

Alannah said...

I love these posts too, and I always even learn something (like your future tattoos!). <3

PS--You always say you can't sing or dance but I totally disagree. You are pretty awesome at both.

Anonymous said...

I happened upon your blog a while back and have loved it since.

I got married at 19 ,I completly love having grown up with my husband, we have learned to love each others quirks as opposed to be set so much in our own ways that the other's quirks drive us crazy. We had our daughter when I was 20 and have been trying for a 2nd child for a while now, I cannot tell you how many times I have to answer "why don't you want another? She needs a sibling?" GAH! But it is strangly gratifying to see their akward faces when I explain that I can't seem to make it happen.

Anonymous said...

As a girl who is 28 and has been married for 6 years 1 and 2 ring very true with me!!! Why does everyone think that it is appropriate to ask about kids?!?!? Ask only if the other person brings it up!

I am also a secret cupcake lover and would want to eat only them.

Misty said...

I've been following your blog for awhile now...I really enjoy your sense of humor, and love your sense of fashion. I look forward to every post. I especially look forward to the outfits when I get to see your jewelry or shoulder tattoo.

I'm 31 and I've been married for 11 years, and we have one beautiful 6 year old girl. We'd love to have another...but it hasn't happened. I'm tired of people making unfeeling comments about how "selfish" I am for not "giving" my child a sibling. I used to kind of brush it off...but my latest response has been, "I'm sorry...my husband and I are going at each other like horny monkies every day. It just hasn't happened."

(Made especially funny because my husband is a minister and no one expects me to say this!)

Thanks for blogging! Your blog brings me joy!

Fashion and more said...

You look like a great couple.

MARISA said...

omg...i feel like your twin

ok #2...couldnt agree more!!! although i'm only 24..and single lol?...my cousin is your age and maried for 8 years and i even get annoyed by the questions when i'm with her.

and haha i love pics of cats but am way more a dog person

cute post!

hello jamie: said...

sorry I haven't been by in a while; I've been sans computer and somewhat in a funk but I enjoyed reading your "facts" even though I of course know all of them (except your new girl band obsession-- you know I've never heard of them- lol). Anyway, I think I've said it before, but that's my all-time favourite photo of you and Nathan; you have such a pretty smile.

Shopaholic said...

I love girls aloud! I've seen them live several times and they are totally gorgeous and fun!
In fact there is a post about Cheryl on my blog yesterday, she changed her hair to my shock! x

The Thrifty Stylist said...

i had never heard of girls aloud until you and shopaholic posted about them. pretty, indeed, and nice photos. i don't think i need to hear the music though... i suspect it's not my style ;)

can i go around posting your little soapbox rant please? it is so awesome and so CLEARLY NEEDED. god, people are so clueless and rube-ish!

Intelligent Tool said...

i creeped around on your blog all day today and i think you are so totally adorable and i freakin' LOVE your clothes. :P

Anonymous said...

umm, love lol cats. and LOVE girls aloud - though it is entirely unfair for one small group of girls to monopolize so much of the world's hotness. LOVE LOVE dancing, despite looking like a total goofball. also, that picture of you and your husband is so adorable i sort of want to pinch your cheeks like some insane old great aunt.

that wasn't creepy at all, was it? heh.

futurelint said...

very interesting little facts! I'm loving the cupcake tattoo idea!

Anonymous said...

Erin, you are NOT a terrible dancer. In fact, I think you are the best dancer that I have ever danced with! Please, come back to SF so we can dance with each other once again. That was such a fun night.

<3 you muchly,

Boutique Girl said...

Great 7 things! #2 People are just so damm rude - why ask? It is none of there business!!

GIRLS ALOUD RULE!!! Cheryl most of all! My bf and I argue about who loves her more!!

Sarah R said...

Oh Erin. I love your blog and so hear you on Number 2. I'm 34, been married for 15 years, and I have three kids...ages 14, 12, and 11. And I *still* get the "soooo...are you guys having anymore?" As if it was their business anyway? Why? Do you plan on babysitting, or chipping in for college?
Especially since you're such a young looking 33, expect it for years to come. I still get carded, and when I point out my 14 year old daughter, people will crack, "did you have her when you were 12?!!?" Hahaha, that's hilarious every time I hear it. Hmph.

kate said...

oh Erin - comment 2 speaks to me - I have been married for 12 years (am 32) and have three kids - 12, 7 and 5 BUT every person who meets me feels free to ask - why the big gap between number 1 and number 2? how old were you when you got married/had kids? were you married? etc etc. I have made it a policy now to NEVER comment on other peoples' age gaps, etc etc. I think perhaps this stems from marriage itself seeming a bit "counter culture" these days; especially getting married as young as we did! Who knows? BTW love the tatoos and think that you totally pulled off the pink dress. I would have so wanted to wear the studded belt too, though.

Cindy said...

I'm not sure if Etsy's wickedminky was inspired by you or if it's just a happy coincidence, but check out this (I thought of you immediately after I read your post):

Sarah said...

I confess to reading back through your archives because I wanted to look at your clothes. *hangs head*

And I also wanted to pipe up on #2, since I'm single and 35 with no kids, and the assumption is that I made a choice to be a childless career woman. People tell me how much they respect my courage, etc., etc. Well, I didn't choose, it just happened that way. So maybe they shouldn't be making assumptions at all. *sigh*

Anyway, I love your style and have bookmarked this to keep up! Enjoy your cupcakes.