Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hot Stuff

(Alannah likes the large lead photo. So I did it again for her today. What do you think)

Both me and the weather. I mean…ugh. I wore a jacket today, but I wore it for all of five minutes.

Summer 1, Erin 0.

August 26

But at least I looked smokin’! Can I get an Amen?*

August 26

OK, another thing that’s awesome about the $13 dollar-maybe-they-are-leggings-maybe-they-are-pants-pants from Forever XXI? I’ve never felt like I could wear this top without a cami underneath to smooth the elastic waist bump from the other denim leggings, but with these, the side zip creates a smooth line. It was much cooler this way.

August 26

It’s weird though. Sometimes they are black, and sometimes they are blue. I’m not sure how they did that, but it’s a cool effect and makes them legal for everyday office wear for me, because if they were straight up blue, they would be Friday’s only.

August 26

I topped it off with some surprisingly versatile Love Erin Designs earrings, and a Haute Hardware necklace…

August 26

August 26

A MESS of bracelets…

August 26

That is a limited edition, Buffy the Vampire Slayer watch, kids. Yeah it is. I’m kind of a nerd. My favorite books and shows are almost all sci-fi or teen drama. In fact my husband and I spent the last couple nights watching “Wizards of Waverly Place” because they had a 4 part series with a final episode called “Wizards vs. Vampires vs. Zombies”. How can I resist a title like that? (FYI, it was a cute show. We plan on watching more, like the original movie airing this Friday, which we have already set the DVR for. That Selena Gomez is a mouthy little firecracker and we loved her**.)

And some booties brought out of the back of the Fall wardrobe…

August 26

* I think there are probably some people who think it is vain to say stuff like this. These people should try it.
** Hahaha. Look at me, pretending like I didn’t already love her. I totally own “Another Cinderella Story” on DVD (and CD). “Tell me, Tell me, Tell me somthin’ I don’t know, tell me somethin’ I don’t know!”

Blouse, Target
Denim, Forever XXI
Booties, Payless
Earrings, Love Erin Designs
Necklace, Haute Hardware
Snake Bracelet, Urban Outfitters
Beaded Bracelet, Self made
Silver and gold bracelet, by Lara
Watch, Fossil


Kendra said...

LOVE this outfit!! You sure did look smokin, good for you!

Those black bootie are reminding my of my favorite brown leather oxford booties... oh man, can't wait to break those out!

Linda said...

Okay I love that shirt! So stylin!

Jess said...

Amen- it's a foxy look! The black/blue thing is because of the type of black dye used and how saturated it is. Blacks have blue or purple undertones- it's easy to see a lot with stamping :) Some black ink pads look more purple than black, especially when the ink is applied kind of thin.

I've gotten comfortable acknowledging my own beauty- I know I have flaws but recognizing both the good and bad keeps it all in perspective. I don't ever have irrational 'I'm a hideous beast and no one will ever love me!' kinds of freak outs like I did when I was in high school anymore. I have much self love :)

Keely said...

Love the top! It's gorgeous on you.

Unknown said...

Beautiful top! I'm doing some searching for denim skinnys or leggings. I'll check both places you mentioned over the last week.

Sal said...

OK, so first, you look RAVISHING in teal. And second, I am indescribably jealous of your Buffy watch.

Unknown said...

i love your wrist full of bracelets/limited edition buffy memorabillia. probably because buffy is one of my role models.

Anonymous said...

Hot, hot indeed! I really like those booties. One day I'll have to get me some!

A said...

That is a totally hott (two ts) outfit. Everything ROCKS.

Oh my gah, I pulled out my Buffy watch the other day (I never wear watches any more). I remember deciding between the two and Chrysta got the one you have (I thought it was too "delicate" for me--ah ha ha). LOVE IT.

WendyB said...

A Buffy watch? Awesome!

Leina said...

Amen and hallelujah!

I so need to get a pair of those F21 side-zip pants. They totally rock with those heels and that top!

WickedThrifty said...

i NEED a snake bracelet!! in silver. let me know if you see one ;)
i LOVE this top.

Sheila said...

How much do I love that necklace? Wow, a whole lot!

And I am so envious of the Buffy watch! I love Buffy!

TEST said...

I soooo was gonna buy that shirt from Target a few months ago...before I banned myself from spending my check in Target for the next few weeks! I will wear that top vicariously through you...Thanks...we look fab! lol

gina said...

I love Buffy! Great watch!!

slb said...

Hi! Would you want to sell the Buffy watch??
kind regards

Unknown said...

Wondering the same, if you would be interested in selling the Buffy Watch?