Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Good Bag Makes a Big Difference

So. My personal belief is that you can shop discount stores, thrift and vintage shops for about 90% of your wardrobe. There is no reason to go broke or by expensive designer brands most of the time. However, I do have exceptions to that rule. One of those is handbags. Most ladies carry a handbag every single day. A good bag will last a long time, and you will get great cost per wear out of it. A cheap bag will most likely fall apart a few months (or weeks!) later and stress you out a bit. I personally have several good bags. As long as I have been an adult, handbags have been one of my wardrobe staples.

I believe in the power of a good bag.

This is a good bag.

August 31

In fact, this is one of the best bags I’ve ever bought. And I’ve had lots of bags. Really nice bags by Gucci, and LV and Coach and Steven. And this bag easily bests a few of those.

August 31

It has several things going for it. The color is one. It’s not black. Not brown. Not grey. It’s elephant, which is one of my all time favorite hand bag and shoe colors, because it goes with everything. Seriously. Everything.

August 31

Another thing going for it is the size. Not too big, not too small. You can get a book in there comfortably with your phone, iPod, cosmetic pouch, gum, camera and more. And the design. A great shape, and both arm handles and a cross body strap, so it’s versatile.

August 31

But the best thing about this bag is how well made it is. I bought this bag off Etsy, from designer rebyc . I have bought handmade bags in the past and they almost always have some weakness, a flaw in the construction, a repair that has to be made here or there. But this bag is sturdy and unbelievably well made, and the lambskin used is so textured and beautiful.

Reinforced handles and straps…

August 31

August 31

Gorgeous detailing on the front flap…

August 31

I have never been so impressed by a handmade bag, and I have been less impressed by store bought leather bags many times. And the price is not to be believed. She could get away with charging 2 times what she does and still call it a bargain.
My earrings are also handmade, and stunning…

August 31

I am really loving shoulder dusters right now and the simple design and attention to detail on these is ace. And they are by a fellow blogger to boot!~

Some other details…

August 31

August 31

LOVE the way these look stacked together!~
August 31

(For some reason, I can't get the hyper links to work today. I am doing the right thing, but blogger keeps changing the url when I save? I will try and edit in links to the Etsy shops later. My apologies.)

Blouse, Forever XXI
Pants, Wal-Mart
Shoes, Payless
Earrings, Hey Toots at Etsy
Bag, rebyc at Etsy
Watch, Fossil
Skinny bracelet, James Avery
DADADA bracelet, MoMA NYC
Quartz ring, One Stone New York at Etsy
Sapphire ring, Target (online)
Band, Tiffany


Renee[Q][C] said...

I couldn't agree more about good bags! They will def pay for themselves if you find one you love!!

ps. Love your sapphire ring =)

Linda said...

YAAYYYYy! The earrings look spectacular on you! love it! You really are my pimp.

Jess said...

Agreed. Good bags are vital. I like a bag that can take a hefty amount of abuse and still look stylish- all my purses have known the floor!

Sal said...

That bag is completely amazing. I'm on the prowl for a gray leather bag, and still haven't found the perfect one!

Lauren said...

I get my bags from H&M. Usually I'll get one or two new bags at the beginning of the season, and it lasts for the entire season.

Kiki said...

I LOVE your bag! I looked it up on etsy and it's nowhere to found.:0( I'm a purse whore and am always looking for a good bag!

Work With What You've Got said...

Kiki, the bag style is called "Jane", and if you convo the seller, I bet she can whip one up for you!

WendyB said...

My eyes are drawn to the shoes. I was thinking of getting a pair in that color and now I am convinced!

Alannah said...

I know what you mean about good bags. Unfortunately, like you always say, if they're not made of leather they just don't last. I am not very hard on my bags and I switch them often but mine won't last long with constant use. I wish someone would invent a better fake leather!

I really love your blouse! The roses are so pretty and it looks great on you.

Charlie said...

Handbags are definitely an investment piece. That bag is beautifully made - lovely colour.

Nikki said...

OMG...LOVE those shoes! Payless, really? How is the comfort level?

Leina said...

You got that sapphire ring on Target online? GET OUT!

I totally agree about paying more for a good leather handbag. And this is a lesson I learnt when I hit 30. The straps on two of my vinyl bags are so yucky, like pieces unravelled from it.

I love how you look in roses.

eednic said...

your blouse is very flattering on you young lady! and i love the stacked rings. i like yer bag too butta i figured everyone already told you dat!

hoganfe said...

Way to go - buy handmade yay!

hoganfe handmade
handbag originals

futurelint said...

That is seriously such a beautiful versatile bag (I LOVE when purses have TWO kinds of handles!) At first I thought it said GUN instead of GUM when you were listing your purse contents and figured you were just being cheeky, but then I realized I was just being dumb.

In conclusion, cute bag, glad you don't carry a gun.

FashionAddict said...

Gorgeous! Thanks for the great review of your bag.

Londyn said...

Very very cute top!!! Love it.