Friday, September 4, 2009

25 Electric Angels Are Dancing In The Rain

(Oh how I envy those clever bloggers who choose to go with the title of the song that is playing, or lyrics from a song they heard that day or ANYTHING random. I’m seriously considering a shift into that kind of titling soon, because I like to start with a title and some days it take forever. I’m giving it a spin today)

This is not the outfit I was going to wear today at all! I had on a cute little tank with a tuxedo bottom on the back. And silver earrings. And then I added this jacket and Nathan and I agreed that silver earrings looked bad with the gold buttons (these were HUGE earrings. Huge.) So I changed into these gold numbers. And then I had to change tanks because the whole point of the tuxedo butt tank is getting to wear the ridiculous silver dream catcher earrings. So then we had this:

September 4

I like it!~ I sort of wish I had after work plans because this is the perfect outfit for going to an after work happy hour. (That seems like I really specific outfit function when I read it back.)

September 4

I have 3 pair of these jeans from Steve and Barry’s, and now that I am small enough to get into them again, I am really enjoying them. I would LOVE to have a black trouser with the same fit. Skinny all the way down and then long enough to go over ankle boots with a bit of slouch. It’s the perfect Fall pant length for me.

September 4

I’m looking forward to seeing how I can incorporate this tunic into Fall and winter pieces. I am hoping it works over at least one of my black dresses, and maybe a turtle neck and pencil skirt?

September 4

I am really into big almost tacky cheap earrings from Forever XXI right now. I am sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I have very sensitive ears and can only wear sterling silver and gold or gold filled earrings. So I stock up on fish hooks in both sterling and gold filled and that way when I find a great costume earring, all I have to do is switch out the base metal hook for the silver or gold filled one and I’m good to go. You can get them cheap at lots of places online. I recommend Art Beads and Fire Mountain Gems.

September 4

These are particularly fun. They have a bit of an Art Deco vibe, and they are really lightweight. I find that when I can’t afford to go and buy a whole new outfit, a new pair of 4 dollar earrings can be just the ticket for making me feel like I look fresh. Plus, when they are so cheap, there is no guilt when you lose interest in them after 6 months, as I am prone to do with pretty much all jewelry, since I am able to make my own and as a result have access to new pieces pretty much all the time!

(If you ever ask me a question in the comments, and I don't answer, this is because I get them on my Blackberry. I answered you in my head. I know you couldn't hear me, but I am so bad about remembering to come back and answer you in writing. Feel free to e-mail me anytime with ANY questions you might have!)

Jacket, Alice Temperley for Target
Tunic , Urban Outfitters
Tank, Target
Jean, Steve and Barry’s
Ankle boots, Blowfish (Zappos)
Earrings, Forever XXI


Linda said...

Fire mountain jems is awesome! They sponsored me $500.00 worth of whatever I wanted off their website for my 4th year collection in school.
In exchange they got a mention in the fashion show. Unfortuatly customs is too expensive if I order from them.

As always...looking sharp!

(feel free to remind people of my giveaway)

Sal said...

Just adore that tunic. I'm sure you'll find a way to work it during the fall and winter months.

yotababy said...

Yeah, that tunic is one of my very favorite things that you own--just gorgeous!

Alannah said...

I went to Forever XX1 Wednesday and finally had a chance to check out the jewelry! I found 5 pieces (for $22 total!) that I loved, and I only had like 20 minutes to look so I'm sure I could've done more damage given more time!

I agree, that tunic is possibly one of the most awesome pieces you own. Love it! The new boots totally rock too.

Leina said...

I wish I had your luck when it comes to finding awesome stuff, like that fantastic horses top, on sale at UO.

And rock on with the blog post titles. You just can't go wrong with whichever route you choose -- random song lyrics, song titles, something that actually has to do with the outfit. :)

Sher said...

After watching Rachel Alexander win against the boys again yesterday I want that top! LOL!

FashionAddict said...

Love the outfit! I am jealous that you can wear skinny jeans so well!

Shopaholic said...

gorgeous tunic! looks perfect for autumn, colours and all..
also, love that sketch of you in the banner, just noticed it, how cool is that? x

Kayla said...

How do you get them on your blackberry is my question lol I have been trying to figure out a way to connect my blackberry to my blog and get comments there, but I just haven't. Is there an app you use?

Work With What You've Got said...


I just have it set up so each comment is e-mailed to me. I have my gmail on my bb, so they all come through that way...