Thursday, September 24, 2009

She Used To Just Stand There And Stare

I bought this dress when the Jovovich Hawke line came out, and I remember that in the store, I loved it. It was so flattering and I loved all the lace and the way the stretch fabric bounced when I walked. And then I got it home and all the sudden it looked like something you were to Salsa lessons. I wore it once. To a Salsa club in Cabo. And Alannah wore it to a Goth Club in Dallas, but I just couldn’t seem to figure out how to make it less costume-y. And then for some reason, I figured it out.

September 22

The wrap makes it less costume and more Grown Up Goth. The shoes and shape of the dress keep the all black look from being to funereal. And the skirt is the perfect length for me with tights.

September 22

I felt like this was just a really playful, fun combo that the 17* year old me would have appreciated, and 33 year old me can actually wear.

September 22

The temps dropped down into the 70s, which meant I needed soup for dinner, am I right? So I went to the market after work and got some (tomato basil) and while I was there I snagged this necklace on something and broke one of the skulls off. But you know what? I had a pair of tiny pliers in my bag and I fixed it, right there on the soda isle. Then I got some Dry Soda in Lavender, because we saw them make it on “Unwrapped” and I was super keen to try it. It was great BTW. (How’s that for a lot of random unnecessary information?)

September 22

I wore a lot of bracelets.

September 22

The leather cuff is a gift from my college roommate, Jamie, who recently went on a trip to Italy. Coincidentally, so is the little James Avery Bangle. The hugs and kiss gold bracelet is a gift from Nathan, the “dada” cuff is from a vacation to NYC with Alannah . The ball and tube bracelet is from a time period where I, and many of my friends, were totally obsessed with a website called Silver Jewelry Club. Have you heard of it? Back in the day it was one item every, what? 5 minutes? And it was sterling silver and often had gemstones, and was free. You paid, I think, $5.99 shipping? And then they split the screen and it became 4 items at once and I *think* it’s still going on today. I try not to look. I lost too much of my time to them already, and it’s too addictive, hoping that the next ring will be your size, or that bracelet so and so got will come back up again.

September 22

These shoes still make me feel like a Manga character. I love them for that.

*the 17 year old me was really into sitting around her room feeling sorry for herself, obsessing over dark twisted skater boys who needed to go to reform school, listening to The Cure and wearing long black lace dresses with Doc Martin’s. She may have needed an attitude adjustment. Or 3.

Dress, Jovovich Hawke for Target
Wrap, Alternative
Tights, Target
Mary Janes, Doc Martins
Necklace, self made
Leather cuff, gift
Various Bracelets


Jane Winkler said...

Cute outfit! Your talent for mixing necklaces and bracelets never fails to inspire me.

yotababy said...

I love that dress. And yeah, 17-year-old me would totally have loved it too! Sometimes I miss my goth days...

Alannah said...

Ah ha ha, when I saw this dress on your Flickr I thought, "Huh, I know I've seen this dress" but I didn't really remember you wearing it. Then when I saw it here, I remembered wearing it to The Church! I still think it looks great on you, but I can see why you felt like you couldn't wear it.

I still regret not buying that bracelet at the museum store. I had a moment of cheapness and put it back. :(

I check SJC every so often and they suck. There isn't any of the fun stuff that we used to love like plain hoop earrings or chain bracelets. We definitely were into that site at the best time! It's not the same now.

I loved this post--it was full of fun facts and information. <3

Jasie VanGesen said...

That dress is FABULOUS! It'd look awesome styled with some opaque fall colored tights (maroon, brown, olive green)... I'm loving those brown shoes.

Autumn said...

I totally remember SJC. My daughter wears some earrings daily right now that I got from SJC. And yeah, most of their stuff is crap now.

ArkieStyleErin said...

So ... I effin love that skull necklace. You think you might ever make one for your etsy shop?

Post-Modern Jen said...

I'm so jealous that you are already rocking the tights for fall, I feel like it's still too hot here!

Clare said...

I adore those Doc Martins. I totally want some!! My 17-year old self totally needed an attitude adjustment too; don't they all?

Oh, and check out the giveaway on my blog!!

ShyGirl said...

I have this dress too! I've also only worn it once..and that was for my birthday dinner last year. It looks great on you! Thanks for a great new idea on how to wear it :)

eednic said...

cute dress! lemme borrow it!

i love all of the bracelets you are wearing too.

Anonymous said...

cute, cute cute! Your tights look nice & opaque. Are these the Merona or Xhileration brand? thanks! :)

ShopKim said...

I love when an idea just clicks like that and it works out so well! It looks great.

Work With What You've Got said...

Thank you so much for all the kind words.!

Erin, Sadly I don’t have any more of those skull beads, and they were ages old. If I ever see them again, I’ll snap them up for sure, since this has proven to be such a great piece.

Anon, They are Merona. The Xhileration shred for me. I buy the two pack.

hello jamie: said...

I totally don't remember giving you that bangle, but I love mine and have worn it every single day since I graduated from high school in 1994. (I want another silver one and a gold one to wear all at the same time.) I left it at security in Maui and cried all the way across the Pacific (because my Daddy gave it to me for high school graduation) but I just bought another one when I got home.

Glad you like the cuff! I bought it in ROME. Sounds SO sophisticated. ;)

Brickhouse said...

OK, Doc Martens owes you a commission... lol. I saw those shoes (called "Drew") in this post and had to have 'em. So I bought them online. :) So glad I found your blog.