Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Random Plum Sweater

I haven’t worn this dress since Easter. It’s been through a lot. I ripped it basically taking it off the first and only time I wore it. And then it sat in my car waiting to be taken to the tailor for repair. And then it got water on it at some point and it mildewed. And finally last week I had it repaired and cleaned an now it’s back in rotation.

September 1

I’m not super matchy-matchy. I mean, I can be. I do it sometimes. But it’s not a rule. I don’t need things to match. I sometimes don’t even need them to “go”. I just need them to feel good together.

September 1

I choose this plum sweater to wear with it because…why not? There is no purple, plum or lilac in the dress, but I thought it looked nice. And I love this sweater and I don’t wear it often enough.

September 1

I also wore leggings, because my office has been freezing, and it’s September now, so it’s totally acceptable behavior.

September 1

September 1

I wore my huge-pain-in-the-behind-to-make-and-therefore-never-to-be-duplicated-by-me multi chain hoops…

September 1

And this…
September 1

I had a hard time getting a good picture of it, but it’s amazing, and it came to me in a flash while watching Project Runway last Saturday on the DVR. I don’t even really remember why. Someone wearing a lariat necklace maybe? Who knows. All I know is that I have had these beads for YEARS and have never really known what to do with them. And when I made this I was so glad I had hung onto a couple of them.

September 1

Look at the carving. They are so cute.

September 1

And that’s that!~

Dress, Ruche
Sweater, Victoria’s Secret
Leggings, Target
Boots. Thrifted
Earrings and necklace, self made


Jasie VanGesen said...

I love lariat necklaces! And you spin on it with the skull beads... very pretty. It's less delicate, more rustic than the average lariat I see. You should do some of those in your shop! And I really wish those earrings hadn't been such a pain, because they are AWESOME. Also, loving the dress. :)

Linda said...

I really like those skulls and I'm not a skull fan. Story for you. I fell in love with these sunglasses (expensive) and to talk me out of them my future hub said "Look at that girl, work with what you got, she is stylish and wears things that she likes and doesnt spend alot of money on them. She doesn't need those sunglasses" apparently neither did I. What is this world coming to that my future hub references fashion bloggers? LOL.
In other words, you rock it and I should try to be more like you....touche.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I love your look today. Autumn with a backward glance to summer and a telescope to the horizon for winter.

Sal said...

Tights are TOTALLY appropriate now. September 1 = fall.

Alannah said...

I'm so glad you got the dress repaired! It was worth it. I love all the florals you're wearing lately.

That lariat is awesome--great idea!

I hear you about freezing offices too. There's an A/C stream right over my head at my desk. Normally I'm very hot-blooded but at work I have to think twice before I wear anything sleeveless now! I always bring a sweater these days.


Leina said...

that lovely floral dress + boots + the plum sweater = awesome combination!

futurelint said...

Gaaa! I am in LOVE with that necklace! I also really like the dress boots combo!

FashionAddict said...

Love the dress/sweater/boots combo! Isn't great that it is fall again :) I love wearing tights.

eednic said...

ze dress! it iz zo lovelies! yez!

The Thrifty Stylist said...

love the sweater, indeed. perfect ruffle, perfect color- and it looks great with the dress regardless of no purple in the dress.

Indiana Adams said...

You seriously have the BEST jewelry!