Wednesday, September 23, 2009

And if They Don’t Believe Me Now, Will They Ever Believe Me?

This skirt has a great story to it.

September 22

My friend Kelly showed up at a party, I think early last Fall maybe? In this skirt. And I swooned over it. I told her more than once it was one of the most gorgeous skirts I’d ever seen. I could not take my eyes off of it. She just smiled and said thank you.

MONTHS later, she gave me one for Christmas. And that may seem really sweet, that she remembered and went and got me one, but no. She bought mine at the same time as she bought hers. So at the party, she KNEW that she had gotten me the same skirt I was swooning over. And she kept it to herself. THAT, my friends, is something I could never ever do. I can’t keep a gift a secret to save my life. I need you to open it as soon as possible.

September 22

I didn’t get to wear it much last year because it really looks best styled with a black top and black tights, and I was unemployed for basically all of Fall and Winter. So when the temps dropped into tights weather I knew I wanted to wear it as soon as I could. And then Nathan picked up this adorable little red saddle bag at the thrift store, and I just had to wear them together. The bag picked up the bits of red* in the skirt perfectly.

September 22

It’s so flattering! Longer than I normally wear, but a great fit. AND it’s a size 2. This is a great source of amusement for me. But when I opened the skirt and Kelly explained how she had bought them together and on final sale I was so nervous that she maybe over estimated my weight loss and I was really scared to try it on. I literally held my breath, because I wanted it to fit SO BADLY. And it did. Thank you, vanity sizing.

September 22

Also, big swish factor. SWISH SWISH. Love it.

And a close up of the amazing water color print, so you can fall in love too:

September 22

*OK, to be honest, it’s possible they are bright pink. I just can’t tell. In some lights, it looks red, in others pink.

Tee, Wal-Mart
Skirt, Gift (Ann Taylor)
Tights, Target
Shoes, Target
Beads, vintage
Bag, Thrifted


yotababy said...

Gorgeous!!! And Kelly is indeed very much awesome!

Linda said...

Cute skirt! Thats a pretty cool story, I don't know if any of my friends know me that well.

Caroline said...

As soon as I opened your blog today I thought "Oh, I love that skirt!". SO cool that she'd got it for you before you swooned over it! My friend Nat and I once bought each other the exact same Christmas gift despite seeing it in different shops a couple of hundred miles apart - connections like that are one in a million!

The Monkey Attack Victim said...

Seriously, first buying it and then sitting on it for months were very stressful. I kept wanting to give it to you but stuck to my "buying Christmas presents early" rule.

hillary said...

Having been married to a former Ann Taylor employee I can tell you they don't really subscribe to vanity sizing. So good job on the loss!

Kelly said...

FWIW, I don't think you have to limit yourself to black top and black tights, I think this could work with a lot of colors! Maybe an oatmeal sweater?

Sher said...

She's a keeper ;)

WendyB said...

One of the best gift-giving stories I've heard in a long time.

Alannah said...

I totally love that she knew your taste that well! Sometimes I *think* I know what you would like but I would be too chicken to commit and test that theory by buying something on final sale!

That is a really cute tee from Walmart. Either you have awesome honing skills and find the few great things they have there, or I need to pay better attention when I'm there! I never see anything cute.

Sal said...

Hah! I am the same way: Just dreadful at gift-related secrets. What a fabulous friend, and fantastic gift!

futurelint said...

It's so pretty - I do love the punch the red bag gives it! I'm terrible at secrets and presents, I always wind up giving them wayyy too early (like the day I buy them!)

Kayla said...

That is such a cool skirt! Looks great with your whole outfit.

I've been following your blog for a while, and haven't really commented that much if at all. Sorry!

You look like my old babysitter, I hope that's not too creepy. She was my mom's best friend years ago, I still talk to her actually. And when I first stumbled across your blog, you definitely reminded me of her.

This is what she looks like, haha! (The one on the right)


Rachie-Jean said...

You are fantastic.
You remind me of my high school art teacher.
Who was very young.
And the coolest lady ever.

Lisa said...

What a fantastic outfit! I have a similar skirt that I love with a deep and consuming ardor--must remember to style it with black tights and a black top. You are just devastatingly stylish.
Also--great bag!It looks like a vintage Coach. Very classic.

Sheila said...

I am also in love with the skirt! What an amazing gift - I can't believe she didn't say anything!

myedit said...

A good friend to have..
fyi, I talked about you in my last post (all positive...), just letting you know...

Clare said...

That IS a gorgeous skirt...and will look great with a black turtleneck, tights and black boots in the dead of versatile!!

Work With What You've Got said...

Thank you everyone!~
Kayla, No, it’s not creepy. Funny, but not creepy. :) I can kind of see it. We could be sisters maybe.

Rachie-Jean, why thank you.

Lisa, it’s a vintage Coach knock off!~ It is a pretty good knock off, but a grammatical error on the tag gives it away!

I have to go and see what myedit said about me now!~

hello jamie: said...

I LOVE this outfit on you.