Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Trouble With Vests

I love vests. I love them in theory and I love them on other people, but I very rarely find a way to make them work for me. I have 3 vests. 1 grey and 2 black. I have been trying on a vest with pretty much everything for the past week and today I finally felt like I found something that worked.

September 2

I wore this outfit to a party last weekend without the vest and really liked it. When I was getting dressed today Nathan said he liked this outfit and he thought it was fine without the vest. I politely informed him the vest was the POINT and that I had JUST worn it the other way, but I admit I second guessed myself there for a moment.

September 2

September 2

I kept the accessories simple with a little necklace, some hoops and a ring.

September 2

September 2

Hopefully I can find more ways to wear this vest, since I really like it. If you think of something that I already own it might look good with, feel free to tell me. I will either try it or tell you that I already did and why it didn’t work. Ha!~

Vest, Target
Blouse, Forever XXI
Denim Leggings, Target
Boots, Payless
Hoops, Target


Sher said...

I love vests...they make it look like I have a "chest" ;D

Jasie VanGesen said...

That vest looks way cute on you! I'm not able to do the menswear, fitted style waistcoat (personal preference, HATE how they look on me), but I've been doing lots of flowy long vests with leggings... that's been fun. It's forced me to branch out.

Kiki said...

Very cute! Love it with the vest it gives you a nice shape.

Lorena said...

I´m on the same page you are with vests.
They look great on everyone except me. I am never really "confident" I pulled it off... nevertheless I keep on trying...
By the way, think you pulled it off , also you can try it maybe over a summer dress ?

Penny said...

Men and their fashion inputs are funny. I get those type of remarks from my husband all the
I think the vest looks great on you. What if you also wore it with one of those flower dresses you have? I think there's a dark one with flowers [possibly from Target]. I think that would look fabulous on you:)

Tina said...

I love vests but I have such a horrible time finding ones that fit.

Your necklace today is so beautiful and feminine. I love it.

Jess said...

It looks great with the ruffles peeking out! Also a good balance to the floral print.

Sal said...

I have a few vests, too, and struggle to incorporate them. This is a great look for you, doll ... here's hoping other vest-based outfits present themselves!

Alannah said...

I totally think you pulled it off too, and I agree that it gives you a really great shape.

Where is that ring from? I love it!

Charlie said...

Sometimes boys just don't get it do they. I like this look a lot. I love vests too but find it hard to find ones that fit on the account of my chest being larger. Also find it hard to incorporate them in my wardrobe - goign to try some with my ruffle tops after seeing this though.

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

I love this look...and those boots with those jeans are great....Try wearing your vest oer your long summer dresses. It's a good way to transition for the fall even though it is still hot as hell in me I know.

Trace said...

I feel the same way about vests! I love how they look on others, but when I try them, they look lumpy and tight and weird on me. You've certainly nailed the look with that one though!! Looks great, inspiring! Beautiful necklace.

Rachael said...

I am so feeling this look. Persevere with the vests, they're worth it!! :)

saltytalk said...

I like the look of a vest over a graphic tea or over a simple tank top, the vest over a sleeveless top really takes the stuffing out of a look that can be too conservative or too menswear focused. Yesterday I wore one with a spaghetti strapped top that had ruffles on the neckline similar to what you did here. You can definitely rock the look, love your blog!