Friday, September 11, 2009

Interchanging Mind Control, Come Let The Revolution Take It's Toll

The problem with taking your own photos is that no one tells you your lapel is all jacked up until it’s too late. I mean, really. I can’t believe I didn’t notice that. I was running late, again, and it was about to rain, and I had on suede shoes, so I admit I did rush through my pictures. But still.

But I’m posting the pictures anyway, because it was my second run at wearing a vest and I thought it came out all right!

September 10

I mean even with the lapel like that you can tell it worked. I love the way the vest and shoes go together. The vest is a bluish grey and the shoes were just the right color to bring that out.

September 10

I don’t love the way the vest is creasing there in the middle, but in it’s defense, I was sitting at my desk all day, so it never stood a chance!

September 10

I give you the Silver Dream Catcher Earrings of Fabulousness from Forever XXI! These things are bu-na-nuhs, y’all. Bananas.

September 10

They are so long, I have to take the left one out when I drive so it doesn’t get caught in the seatbelt and rip my earlobe open. Sweet, right? No? OK, it’s a hazard, but they are worth it.

September 10

These are still the best deal I ever got at an Old Navy. Real suede, and real wood for the heel. Plus they were way ahead of the curve with the stud detailing. They are not the most comfortable shoes ever, I would never wear them anywhere I was not 100% positive there was going to be a chair, but they ARE gorgeous.

Vest, Target
Tee, American Apparel
Denim, Forever XXI
Sandals, Old Navy
Earrings, Forever XXI


Jasie VanGesen said...

This reminds me of Anne Bancroft's signature move... in film, she would always take out her right earring before answering the phone. It was a small detail, but a trademark... and a very sexy one.

Modest Mom said...

Love the shoes!

Alannah said...

When I was in Europe (in high school), I bought some ohmygahsoridiculous earrings that were just silver chains with these curly metal peices at the end that danged down. They were like necklace-length and would get tangled in everything because they hung down past my shoulders! Crazy, but I loved them. Ah ha ha.

I totally love those dreamcatcher earrings! My Forever XXI didn't have those or I definitely would've considered getting some!

I agree, the vest works and I love the shoes with it!

Linda said...

What?!? Those shoes are effin stunning! Are you telling me that Old Navy was ahead on a trend?
Excuse me I have to just go outside and make sure the flying pigs dont poop on my car.

Sal said...

Funny how "shoulder duster" can also mean "earlobe ripper." But you're right: Worth it.

Sher said...

And I just read studded shoes are so "in" ;) Yep ahead of the times! Love those earlobe rippers!!

Shopaholic said...

I love the hazardous earrings! I have had to ditch large hooped earrings for the same reason!

Sheila said...

Great shoes! I love this bluey-grey on you.

WendyB said...

You haven't had your photo taken by my husband. Not only would he not noticed a jacked-up lapel...I could have an entire salad stuck in my teeth and he wouldn't think to tell me. I'm getting a tripod.

Indiana Adams said...

Those shoes! Ah-may-ZING!

FashionAddict said...

Awesome vest/shoes! Looks great together.

Amber said...

I'm in love with those shoes - I can't believe they're from Old Navy! And I can never take photos of myself at all -I always end up looking vaguely suspicious for some reason.

Jess said...

This happens to me all the time!

The vest looks great even with the misbehaved lapel!

Candycane said...

You have your picture taken AFTER work and you still look that good!!!!!!!

camilyn said...


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