Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What A Difference A Day Makes

Ahhhhhh. Now that’s better.

September 15

Although the sort of drunk/tired face thing I have going on is why I never take my pics in the AM. Hahahaha. I swear I look like that clear though the morning until 10 AM or so. I don’t know why. I’m just not a morning person.

September 15

Overall though, this is SUCH a better look for me than the day before. My boobs are back for one thing. As is my waist. And my rock and roll. I finally found a studded belt in my size, I have no idea why it took so long, but it did. I checked all the places recommended and at one point was even ready to spring up to $20 bucks for one if I could just FIND ONE, but I didn’t. And then this one showed up at a Target I had checked 3 times before for a mere $13, which I felt was manageable. And it really did add a rock and roll element to the dress without feeling all Hot Topic. I would have never though to wear the red ankle boots with this if I had not added the belt first.

September 15

I was comfortable and I felt good about myself. A world of difference over the strapless dress of watercolor floral doom.

September 15

I have not worn this necklace in ages. It was a victim of Love Erin Designs. I wanted to focus on wearing as much LED as possible. But I’m kind of over it. I wear it a lot now, but not exclusively and I’m opeing myself back up to wearing other things.

September 15

This is super easy to do, ladies, and all you need is 4 jump or split rings and a bit of chain. You simplify cut the last link and clasp off of one side, and the last link and ring off the other side and using the 4 split rings, insert a length of chain. I would offer to do it as a service, but it is so easy and the supplies would cost you about as much or maybe even less than the shipping you’d end up paying since you’d have to pay shipping both ways. And I fins a charm necklace is infinitely more wearable with today’s delicate clothing than a charm bracelet.

September 15

I am just too lazy to take that “hugs and kisses” bracelet off right now, and it is 14kt so I don’t have to. So I’m kind of wearing it with everything right now. Love those leather and sterling bracelets. I think they are a wonderful grown up alternative to those black jelly bracelets and they are still just as rock and roll.

September 15

My husband LOVES these boots. Loves. I have no idea why. They are holding up really well for such cheap boots. I say Payless in the tags but they may have come from Wal-Mart to be honest, it was so long ago I don’t remember!

Dress, Forever XXI
Belt, Target
Tights, Target
Ankle Boots, Payless
Necklace, selfmade
Leather and silver bangles, kiskastyle at etsy


Alannah said...

Totally amazing outfit all around! Love the cute poses... I can tell you feel good in this! I have to get my charms sautered onto the bracelet before I can wear it as either a bracelet or necklace but I want to do that with mine someday!

Where is the XOXO bracelet from? It's really cute.

Work With What You've Got said...

I put all my charms on myself with split rings!~ And I've never had one come off. It is pretty easy. I can do it when you come if you want, but tell me so I can order split rings!

Oh gosh, it's so old. Nathan got it for me back way back in the day for Valentines. I found it looking for something else the other day and put it on as a sort of nostalgic thing and then just have not taken it off.

Jess said...

This is a much more Erin-y outfit to me than yesterday's, as much as I loved the print of that dress. You pull off the looks with the rocker edge so so well.

P.S. guess what eBay sent me yesterday? bebe young care!! I have been just opening it up to smell it, so sad. LOL And you were was the zartrose.

Tina said...

oh yeah! Look at that sassy pose. So much more you today. Glad to see you are back in the grove. And I am digging those boots.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

You look great. I love the mix of the demure dress, the studded belt and the red boots.

BAM said...

Yep, today's outfit is just right. I love the charm bracelet idea, I have a couple that I don't wear b/c they bug me when I type. Maybe I'll repurpose them tonight :)

Linda said...

I think you look fab. I am also NOT a morning person. When I come into work I usually end up grunting to my coworkers rather than a cheerful "good morning".
Paul knows better than to address me in the morning also.

OHH>>>OHHHHH.....I got the necklace last night. You are right it is a little too long but soo soo cute....eeeeeee.

Penny said...

Sweet Hotness! Definitely more Rock & Roll. That last pic detailing the booties is so those booties!

myownlittleuniverse said...

i love all of it! super cute. edgy but sophisticated. my fav mix. did you get a new tattoo on your wrist of a word or did you always have that?

myownlittleuniverse said...

oh one more question, where do you order the split rings at? is it online somewhere? i'd like to try using those.

Sal said...

Erin, I adore everything about this outfit. EVERY DAMNED THING! You are my rocker chick inspiration.

Work With What You've Got said...

Thank you thank you thank you, kids. I cannot tell you how much kind words mean to me right now.

BAM, omg, DO IT!~

Linda, YAY!~ You can shorten it, yeah?

Myownlittleuniverse, I like Fire Mountain Gems, Art Beads, Jewelry Supply Co and Etsy for jewelry supplies. Split rings should be available at any of those!~ And I’ve had that tattoo a while, I guess you just don’t t see my wrist much. It says “Rani” and it means “Princess” and it’s what my best girl Alannah calls me. I got it to remind me always that someone thinks that I am as precious as royalty.

gina said...

I love the boots!

myedit said...

You look great but I really thought yesterday's dress was super pretty too... maybe not as...booby but still nice.
Ok, I have to tell you... if I need a giggle, I still think of your post where you imitated the lizard. Works every time.

FashionAddict said...

Great outfit! I LOVETH the ankle boots!

Kyla said...

I LOVE this whole look! The boots are payless b/c I remember trying them on - they did nothing for me :( They are super hot on you!

Sheila said...

Great outfit! I love the red booties!

Kate said...

Love those shoes! I wish Payless in Australia sold such cool shoes.

SHOEGAL said...

Love the boots!

Kim said...

I'm sure I've said before E, but seriously. Those boots. I'm with Nate on this, they are amazing. I adore them and as soon as I saw them I scoured the internet for a pair to no avail. They're gorgeous. I nearly bought a pair similar from Office and everything was perfect except they stopped too high up on my calf/ankle and made me look 3ft tall. I love them. I covet.

eednic said...

Hello RAWR!!!!!! that dress looks stunning on you and I have the jealouses over those amazing red boots.

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

I just bought that belt today!!!!!!!!!!!! I had been looking for this very belt in thrift shops for weeks. I was about to give up and low and behold I found it in TARGET TODAY!! Great minds think alike!

wardrobeexperience said...

this outfit is amazing! Lovely dress, lovely booties, lovely colours... everything about it is excellent.