Thursday, September 10, 2009

Guerilla Style

Last night I met Tina for happy hour to discuss the Dallas Swap (we have set a date! October 24th) and eat fried things and drink sangria. It was nice. I really enjoy Tina, the internet is a magical thing, kids.

At around 7:20 we realized we better call it a night if we were going to make it home for outfit shots outside, and we hustled back to our cars. I thought it was fine but as I drove I realized…maybe not, the light was fading fast and the sun was no longer on the horizen. So I parked the car, climbed the stairs to an apartment complex rooftop patio and set up my tripod, guerilla style.

September 9

It was both fun and nervous-making!

September 9

I got this dress shortly after I started the blog and I always think of it as a “blog dress”. A lot of the things I have acquired over the past couple of years are things I was influenced to shop for by fashion blogs.

September 9

I felt really good in this. I love the dress, but it has a weird blousey bit right under the boobs, and putting a jacket on and buttoning it up totally covered that bit up.

September 9

Obviously I got over my nerves. Since I clearly took a ton of photos.

September 9

So glad to be back in boots!~ Now I can shave just that bit between my boot and dress. I’m a lazy lazy girl, y’all.

September 9

I love these earrings. They ended up being a lot more versatile than I would have imagined.

September 9

Jacket and Skirt, Target
Boots, Zappos
Earrings and bone necklace, Love Erin Designs
Bracelet, Urban Outfitters
Skull necklace, self made


Linda said...

You boots look luxurious.
I have been trying to find a decent priced pair since last year...sigh

Sher said...

LOL! Just shave that section LOL! For me, it's put colored tights on. At least till it peeks through ;D

I love your jacket. It is the fit that makes it. Mine that I wore was a bit too loose I think. Could use some taking in.

Penny said...

I really have to say...I love this outfit. It looks pulled together, sexy, and comfortable.

Sal said...

Oh, those BOOTS. I blame you entirely for making me obsessed with slouchy boots last fall, you know.

Misty said...

That outfit is super cute! I need to try to be less "matchy" with what I wear. I always admire people who put different stuff together but I feel weird when I try it.

Kelly said...

Those boots are so fantastic

Alannah said...

I agree, that jacket looks perfect over the dress!

These pictures are totally adorable. <3

I so love that you used "Uglies"-speak... ah ha ha!

PS--who makes your frames? I really like them.

Lara B said...

I have to know... how are you able to looks so put together at the end of the day? I leave my house in the morning looking great but by the end of the day i look a mess. How do you do it???

Work With What You've Got said...

Linda, These are by Matisse, I don’t know what other kids mean when they say “reasonable” but I wanted something for less than $200 (they pay for themselves by not having to be replaced every freaking year) and I got them last year at or zappos. I THINK zappos.
Penny, Thank you!~
Sal, I would say I’m sorry but I’m not. :p
Misty, I’d be happy to come hang out and play in your closet, I need to get some practice sessions in so I can start charging!~
Kelly, thanks!
Alannah, D&G. I got them at Lenscrafters maybe? They are totally pretty-making. I am so glad someone else got the Uglies speak.

Lara B, lol. Thank you!~ And I have no idea. I’m kind of a priss. Maybe that helps? And I powder my nose and touch up my gloss more than is polite!

Sheila said...

I hear ya on the shaving, ha! I seriously love those boots...*sigh*. You look great! Go, go, guerilla!

Leina said...

What a great way to wear that dress! I am loving how that jacket brings out the little red bits in the dress.

Our little family said...

Can you please tell me the brand of thos boots. I love them, but did not see them on Zappos.