Tuesday, September 29, 2009

90210, Original Cast

That was Nathan’s assessment of this outfit. And…not wrong.

September 25

I think the light wash denim jacket is what took it over the edge. I don’t think I’ve ever really been happy with the color of this jacket, but I adore the cut and fit. So I wore it one last time to make sure, but I need to dye it black. I just think I’ll get a lot more use out black.

September 25

But then I have to work out what I’ll top this dress with next time! I have a blazer that might kind of work, and a sweater that will work when it’s really cold. But I’m not sure about either.

September 25

Love this dress though. It’s at least one size too big and a bit paper baggy on, but it is so comfortable and I love the print.

September 25

He happened to get in frame this time, y’all!~ He’s there, all the time, goofing off, trying to distract me. And here is the proof.

September 25

Since he got in the shot, he felt he should share some outfit details with you (even though his outfit is just a blur of AA cardigan and old Morrissey tee shirt). So here is his Swatch.

September 25

Which is actually his mother’s Swatch. I bought him a watch for Christmas the first year we were married, and it was a kinetic watch. He wore it until it died last January. Since he was and has been unemployed since then, he borrowed this from his mother. He knows it is ridiculous, I suspect that is part of its charm for him. He refers to it as “all blinged out” He just doesn’t see the point in replacing his watch until he gets a new job and can afford to get a decent one.

Dress, Forever XXI
Leggings, Target
Boots, GAP Kids
Necklaces, self made
Leather cuff, Italy, gift
Bracelets, Various
Goofball, Husband


Linda said...

lmao! Funny guy! Does his watch have a picture of the inside of a church on it?
Love your dress...too cute.

Jasie VanGesen said...

That jacket really does have a great cut to it, but I agree with you that it needs to be darker. That wash is VERY 90210, especially with the dress. But your boots were a little too cool and up to date. You need to do this up with old school lace up doc martens, ala courtney love. ;)

I love that dress... that loose paper-baginess of it is really quite flattering on you!

eednic said...

dangit! i kinda like the lightwash denim! but then again...i loved 90210. so take it with a grain of salt! tangent: I remember they once played Policy of Truth by Depeche Mode on a episode of 90210 and that is when I decided 90210 should never ever be missed by me again. TRUFAX.

Mary said...

Love love loving those boots! I've been dying for a pair exactly like that since forever... too bad my giant feets would NEVER fit into shoes from gap kids! haha :)

Kayla said...

I love your wedding photo! You look so young, which surprised me because you look so young in your photos now. It leads me to belive that you are older than you look... If thats true, what a blessing it is!!

Alannah said...

I agree about the boots--they need a clunkier heel or something to really make your outfit 90210-ish. But fair effort. ;)

A black jacket would be ultra sleek--I can't wait to see how it turns out!

I am obsessed with Swatches & I love Nathan's mother's Swatch! I have maybe 10 or so & I still buy one every now and then (even though I haven't worn a watch in years). /random fact

Tina said...

OMG if those had been tights and doc martins instead o fleggings and boots, then I would have sworn that I had gone back in time. Damn, I miss the original 90210.

Tell Nathan I dig the swatch, bling and all.

BAM said...

Cute cut on the coat, but I bet you'll wear it more as a different color. PLus, dying stuff is soo much fun. Before going to black, you could overdye it an indigo color?

Candycane said...

I love this outfit and I like the jacket the way it is - but then I loved the original 90210 and it's outfits, btw i've heard 90's fashion is on it's way back!!!

Love the church watch!!

Leina said...

Oh!, how well you channel the 90s!

I also vote 'yay' on over-dyeing the jacket. It's such a great style.

Stephanie N. said...

I love it when your husband gets into the photos. Know why? It's because he makes you smile so big!

Jess said...

The jacket is very cute- over-dying to the rescue!

Londyn said...

One of my all time favorite looks for you!

I also love that we get to see your real smile in the last frame which is always different than a camera smile :)

hillary said...

it does have a great 90's feel but we wouldn't of worn tights with it, which makes this much more modern and fun.

I mean aheam I am 22 and was a mere child in the 90's not in highschool wearing babydoll dresses with combat boots.

nope not me.

wardrobeexperience said...

the jacket should be a little darker - i totally agree with you! But its light colour is perfectly paired with this beautiful dress. it really took it over the edge. love it.