Monday, April 5, 2010

Fat Bottomed Girls You Make the Rockin' World Go Round

Linda and I are embarking on a challenge to fit into our skinny pants.

Struggle to Fit Into Your Skinny Pants Challenge.


Look, most people have a pair. I have 2 or 3 at this point. And since I can’t afford new pants, and I’m uncomfortable at this size, I intend to fix it. I am astounded at the difference 10 pounds can make on my body, self image and self esteem*. Everyone is encouraged to make their own plan, because everyone is different. This is mine:

~Cereal for breakfast. No skipping breakfast.

~Cereal or a low-cal frozen dinner for lunch (this is because I am lazy. If I had the will power to make creative low-fat lunches I would, but I don’t right now, and I am going to work with myself where I am and stay honest.

~Portion control at dinner (boo, I am normally starving at dinner)

~work out at least 4 times a week

~go up and down the stairs at the office at least 3 times a day every weekday

~Portion control on weekends, with one free meal per week

Every Friday we will post our progress and talk about how we did the past week.

We will start this Friday by posting our measurements (you don’t HAVE to do this to participate, I don’t particularly want to do this. But we don’t care to post our weight and I know having to tell you this will motivate me to make sure I make changes.) I will also post a picture of JUST how unflattering the skinny pants are. I'm terrified of that, to be honest. I do my best to edit what I post online so that you and the rest of the world only see what I feel like are the most flattering of looks and poses. But I really really want to do this, and I know from experience that keeping it in a public forum (Weight Watchers meetings worked wonders for me) keeps me motivated, and in the end, I will be SO proud of what I have accomplished.

We would love to have you join us if you want to. If you have a pair of skinny pants that are just hanging there in your wardrobe, or folded away in a drawer, taunting you, let us know.

*Look, I am not saying I am fat. I am not fat. I am not saying you are fat. You are lovely. I am saying I am uncomfortable with my size and would like to be smaller. That's all.


LaShaune said...

I'm all in... May I make a small suggestion - you say you're starving by dinner, try packing some healthy snacks yogurt, almonds, peanut butter/celery or apples, or just plain apples. Anything with fiber to keep you full in time for dinner.

Linda said...

Day one, and I am already starving. I really want to down a box of crackers right now, but now that we started this I can't. That's a good thing.
Yes, indeed.
Try to make the unflattering pictures funny, it helps.

Amblus said...

No starving! You can lose weight without starvation. Eat real food for lunch and have some healthy protein with every meal. Tons of veggies and fruit, of course. I also agree with small healthy snacks and eat every 3-4 hours to keep your metabolism going! Good luck, it sounds like you've got the right attitude and determination.

Kathryn said...

I'm in too! I was just contemplating weight watchers this morning but this is cheaper and while more terrifying, also a bit more fun. In fact, I'm going to post my goals and a link to you for the world to see right now!

Jen said...

Alrighty... I think I'm in. But what do I do with all this stupid Easter candy hiding around my house? Darn grandparents... I have several pairs of skinny pants to choose from. I'll have to figure out which are the most hideous, I guess!

Laura said...

I'm in. Have to lose 30 pounds in 3months. I have no skinny pants - I threw them all out when I gained the weight, but I will definitely post measurements, etc!

Denise said...

I'm in! I'd like to lose at least 20 pounds and keep it off.

About 5'6" and 150 lbs.

Lisa said...

I'm in! I've put on a few pounds lately and it's spring, my wedding is coming up and I have some jeans that could definitely fit better.

Modesty is Pretty said...

I'm in I want to lose 8 lbs. Yes it may not seem a lot but in fat pounds in makes a difference!

The Fabulous Gloria Blackwell said...

Why don't you try throwing in some healthy snacks in between meals? It helps keep your hunger from getting out of control (I have found that if you get in a fight with your body, your body is going to win...that is: EAT!). I would try nuts (good protein source and full of nutrients) or an apple with some peanut butter - but nothing over 150 calories. You don't want your blood sugar to bottom out...then forget about willpower!

Good luck with your challenge! You can totally do it!

myedit said...

Go Erin and Linda!
I also post my most flattering pictures and I've been avoiding my skinny jeans but since the winter I've let it slide a bit.
Here's to feeling good... cause that's what this is about.

Rad_in_Broolyn said...

Yeay, good for you! I don't have a skinny jeans issue, I have a "how come parts of me used to be firm feel like jelly" issue, so I'd like to get in with you working out regularly. I wish us all health and looking awesome-ness.

Becky said...

I've been trying to do Friday fitness updates on my blog, so I'll join you and post measurements too. I'd like to lose 15 pounds, but I'd be happy with 5 in the short term.

Tanya Patrice said...

Love this challenge. I've been so unmotivated lately, so I'm up for a challenge.

Sheila said...

I'm constantly watching my weight...arg! I'm not in for the challenge, but I wanted to wish you and everyone else participating well!

I also echo LaShaune's comment: DON'T STARVE YOURSELF. Eat fruits and veggies and low fat dairy. If you are starving, boil up some eggs and eat one (refrigerate the rest). Eat whole food at least every 3 hours and you will lose weight. Toss the packaged frozen processed food! But then you know this, since you did WW. :)

Good luck!

CindyinSC said...

Erin, even Mrs. Obama didn't get a new dress for Easter:

Leina said...

Go, Erin!

WendyB said...

Can I eat your quota of Cadbury? Oh wait, I already am.

Jamie said...

I am in on your challange too, I have been working out consistantly, but am also so hungry at dinner, and of course always want desert. Darn sweet tooth!

ashley.readings said...

i'm in! i put on 15lbs in three months last year.

i have bags of pants that no longer fit so now i wear skirts that used to sit on my hips around my stomach... it's awkward.

carrots for snacks! no skipping breakfast/lunch! less pepsi and starbucks!

Bethany said...

I don't own any skinny pants so I can't really do this but, assvice for anyone who wants, increase your protein (in healthy ways!) it really makes a big difference to me when I add some natural peanut butter (low sodium because I just don't like the taste of salt) to my morning meal instead of just high fiber. Also, counter intuitive, but I halted my year of weight gain by switching from skim milk to really really good organic 1% with my cereal and coffee because there's now some fat in those to help me stay satiated and I'm less likely to try to dive headfirst into a bag of cheese if I let myself have that little bit of fat.

Again, just assvice which you are free to ignore. I've finally halted my weight gain (lost 1 pound in the past month which, given how much I'd been gaining in the past year, is more impressive than it sounds) so now I'm focusing on actually losing some weight because I want to wear my old clothes for summer instead of buying new ones.

Good luck everyone!

sanjeet said...

I also post my most flattering pictures and I've been avoiding my skinny jeans but since the winter I've let it slide a bit.
Here's to feeling good... cause that's what this is about.
home jobs india said...

I'm in! For me, it's about the lumpy belly. I don't expect to gain a waist out of this deal as I never had one to begin with. What I hope to do is lose a little of the chub. Just some.

To that end I will:
Eat less at dinner.
Limit empty calorie sugar intake to one per day.
Snack on vegetables rather than fruits or crackers.
Get my body moving 4 days out of 7. (This will be the hardest one.)

And for me this isn't about pants. This is about tops. I want my stripey hooded top to not cling to the lumps on the sides of my "waist".

vickyvee said...

I just stumbled across this blog randomly, and I figured I'd leave my two cents:

I lost ten pounds last summer (over three months), but I gained it back again this school year (sadly). I know I'm not ugly, nor am I fat, but losing that ten pounds boosted my self-esteem so much.

I cannot stress this enough: DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF. There is no need to go hungry while losing weight -- in fact, doing so doesn't help to stick to routine.

All weight gain and weight loss is due to calories. If you eat more than your body needs (or can process, based on metabolism), you gain weight. If you eat fewer, you lose weight, it's that simple. All those weight loss programs you see on TV do is count your calories.

Set a goal for each day, and count your calories. (A good goal is somewhere between 1400 and 2000, though it really depends on your metabolism.) Oh, and all that talk about fat making you fat is not true. In fact, eating more fat and fewer carbs will make you LESS HUNGRY because it takes longer for your body to digest fat. Seriously, it's scientifically proven, and I've experienced it!

This was my typical diet last summer (VERY drastic, 'cause I'm only about ten or fifteen pounds overweight and I am short... you certainly don't have limit yourself to 1000 Calories a day; in fact, I advise against it):

Breakfast (~310 cals)
2 Slices Bacon (90 Cals)
1 Egg (100 Cals)
1 Cup 2% Milk (120 Cals)

Lunch (~200 Cals): Cereal, Banana, Water
Snack (~100 Cals): Yogurt or fruit
Dinner (~300 Cals): Soup, Goldfish, Milk
Snack (~100 Cals): Usually an apple or something

For you, I'd suggest meat for dinner as well as for breakfast... If you ever get hungry in between, eat a pickle (0 Cals!) or carrots (next to nothing!) or celery (negative Cals :D) or something like that. Don't ever let yourself go hungry! If you have to eat more fat or more calories, do it! Not everyone can subsist on the same number of Calories.

I hope my advice helps. If you don't want to take it... don't, haha. GOOD LUCK! :)

Jodie said...

Alright I'm in, keep trying this by myself and fail! May I suggest this place as a cheap, easy way to monitor your cals, fat etc, etc used it for a bout a month and I think it was really helping (then I cracked and started eating all the good food again).

I will:

Only eat breakfast bars or cereal for breakfast (no pastries)
Try to eat much less in the day, substituting sandwiches and crisps at lunch for fruit, yoghurt and a breakfast bar - also cut out unhealthy snacks in the day
Walk up the three flights of stairs at work at least three times a day
Work in two hour long walks a week (begining next week)

I'm going to allow myself a small bit of chocolate at night (it was just Easter, there's a lot of it) and tea at night will be my main meal of the day. Pudding after tea must consist of fruit or yoghurt four times a week. Weekend and Thursday night wine stays on the menu.

futurelint said...

Wow, you are brave lady! I am always trying to lose 5lbs but usually stay around the same weight. I think I just need to change up my workouts, all I do is run 15 miles a week, so perhaps I need to throw some overall toning workout videos in there! I'll dig around in the back of the closet and find an old cute pair of pants I can't bear to part with but can't button either!

Jane W. said...

I'm in (as I sit here with the pants of my only suit chafing at my middle)!!!!

I'd embarked on my own "mini plan" this week, but I love the idea of doing it as a group.

whatiwore said...

Hmm. . . I do have a pair of skinny jeans. . . two, in fact!

I just might join in.

Misty said...

I lost 23 lbs last spring following what was a really easy diet for me. In that, it wasn't really a diet.

I bought the Biggest Loser cookbooks and ate food from them. That was it. I don't normally promote things for other people, but I just can't get over how great the food was, how reasonable the portions were, and how easy it was to drop that weight over 3 months. Yes, I exercised moderately (about 4 times a week for 30-45 minutes).

I am a huge foodie and love everything I shouldn't, but I really never felt deprived while following this plan. And once a week, my husband and I allowed ourselves one cheat meal (that included dessert).