Friday, April 9, 2010

I Want Your Love, Love Love Love, I Want Your Love....huh!

Lady Gaga tickets for Dallas go on sale in 15 minutes. I’m super stressed. I wore my Gaga for luck…

April 9

We’ll see if it helps. I really want to go. I can’t actually afford a ticket, but the girlfriend I am going with has offered to buy the tickets and let me pay her back in installments. THAT is a good friend. I am in charge of the actual purchase though, hence the anxiety.

April 9

Do you get all worked up about concert tickets or is it just me? I don’t want to go see a show very often, but when I do, I REALLY want to go. I like the pop shows with lots of dancing and lights and visuals and costume changes. It’s more theatre than concert, and Gaga promises to be the most theatrical of all.

April 9

The best part about this tee is how far down the graphic is, leaving room for lots of jewelry. The worst part about this tee is how far down the graphic is, making it kind of awkward looking and resulting in it wrinkling funny when I sit down.

April 9

This is pretty much my plan for summer hair this year. Hair sticks.

April 9

It’s so long I can’t do much else really, and this is so simple and easy. Fellow Blogger Jen has an Etsy store with very nice affordable hair sticks made by her husband, and I am planning on getting at least one of those. You can see all my grey in this picture. I colored it for years and years, but at some point last year Nathan said "I kind of like the grey." and that was the end of that. My mom said my dad always preferred hers natural, too!

OK kids. It's time. Wish me luck!~

ETA: We got tickets! Yay!

Cardigan, Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s
Tee, Lady Gaga’s website
Denim Leggings, ANA at JC Penny
Sandals, Target
Skull necklace, self made
Dharma Wheel necklace, found
Orb necklace, Tower of London Gift Shop
Isabella Wolf Fang Necklace, Wendy Brandes Jewelry
Earrings, gift from Pilar
Bag, Reby C at Etsy


God's Favorite Shoes! said...

That's a grat Tee!

And I know how you feel! I was online all day trying to find Presale tickets for the Jill Scott/Maxwell concert.

But the official date for the tickets to go on sale is at 10 tomorrow! Oh my god! I'm so nervous!

GaGa is coming to Houston too but I fear that all of "The Monsters" my crush me so, I'm gonna pass.

Becky said...

Good luck!

I bought my Lady Gaga tickets on Tuesday. I was worried about getting tickets, but it turned out well. I'm excited to put together an outfit for Gaga's concert.

LaShaune said...

I hope you were able to get your tix. Houston sold out in under 10mins!

overcaffeinated said...

Good luck!

I an in love with that sequin cardigan. It looks so rock star with the tee and skinny jeans.

Becky said...

Oh man! Sequin cardigan, Lady Gaga tee...I'm in love!

V said...

We got our Houston tix on presale earlier during the week and they sucked bad, but we took them b/c we wanted to go! Today when they went on sale, we couldn't get better ones, so I think (for myself at least) I'm just glad that we got some! LOVE GAGALOO!

Love that Lauren Conrad cardigan! I tried that on at Kohl's and no dice, I looked like a weirdo, looks great on you!

Kelly said...

So glad you got tickets! I don't get worked up about concerts just because the ones I want to go to are usually smaller and in no danger of selling out - and even if they do sell out, it's not within the first few hours or anything nutty like that.

Anonymous said...

One of my good friends has box seats to the Gaga concert in Denver - I'm so jealous! Have a smashing time.

My sweetie calls my greys "wisdom hairs." It's sweet, but I still color since all mine are clumped in one spot and not sprinkled like strands of tinsel like yours - so pretty!

anotheremptysky said...

love the outfit!! I hope you got good tickets, I was in charge of buying 3 for madison square garden last month and it was super stressful!

Jess said...

My parents have two phoen lines. When I was younger and wanted to get concert tickets, I would call ticket master on one line and have my mom try to get through on the other line.

One time I was calling for tickets to see John Foggerty and heard they had tickets to see Plant & Page- so I bought those instead. Greatest phone call ever.

Amblus said...

Love it! You always look so nicely put together, even when casual. And can I just say that you have the prettiest complexion ever? I need to know your secret.

The Bagboy said...

I've thought on several occasions that the grey in your hair is very becoming on you. I'm glad you're going with it.

That Gaga shirt is awesome. And I'm totes jealous you're going to the show.

RETRO REVA said...

I am proud of a lady who makes peace with her gray! I am still a slave to the little brown bottle ! I even pluck em out! So silly really.....

Jen said...

(hmmm... tried to leave a comment, but I think I closed the window before it posted)

Thanks for mentioning my Etsy store!! I keep thinking about cutting my hair into a pixie cut, but then I wouldn't be able to wear hairsticks anymore - for right now that's stopping me.

I love the sparkly cardigan!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I love this outfit! I saw that same sequined jacket yesterday and thought it was so fun looking, but wasn't sure how anyone would wear it. You're not just wearing it, you're ROCKING IT!!

Lovers, Saints and Sailors said...

I just love your skull necklace.

Be warned, I may say this every time you wear it ;)

April said...

omg i am so jealous of you sequined jacket, that teeshirt, and that you got tickets to GaGa!!!! I myself could not get tickets :( But HAVE A GAGA TIME

grace said...

No real opinion on Lady Gaga, but I wanted to comment and say I love your gray hair. Mine is about the same color and same grayness and I think it looks really cool.

chantal1922 said...

I love that tee shirt!! Have fun at the concert. I saw Gaga in DC last September and she was great!

Clothes Coquette said...

That sequin cardigan all kinds of awesome :) I go through the same anxiety with concert tickets. I rarely even go, but when a show comes around I'm dying to see (The Killers), I labor for days about getting a ticket and getting one for an amazing seat. Frustrating!

herself said...

I haven't colored my hair in ages, and the gray is starting to become really obvious.* Tim is on the Nathan side of things, however both children are hassling me about it. They're both like "you could maybe fix yourself up once in awhile?" and/or "seriously, do something about that shit".

Okay, so they don't say those exact words, but THAT'S THE TONE.


*It's just laziness on my part, honestly. I haven't been able to muster up any give a shit.

Chelsea said...

I love me some Gaga... so excited for you to go! And a wonderful friend, indeed :)

I haven't been really stoked about going to a show in a long time. I guess I've been feeling so discouraged because ticket prices seem so outrageous! I loved going to concerts all Summer in high school when lawn seats would cost $15 max.

Also, I think gray hair is sexy! My girl has a lot of gray growing in, and I love it :)

myownlittleuniverse said...

i'm not a lady gaga fan but that is a bad ass outfit!

Frikkin Sweet said...

I'm right there with you as far as measurements, overeating and too tight pants. SIGH. I have people telling me not to worry, I look fine which is all well and good but I FEEL not good. And I'm not starving myself either.

PS - I also hate HATE camping and the outdoors. And tanning. HA!