Thursday, April 15, 2010

You're All I Need, Your Loves a Drug, Your Loves a Drug

(Colleen sent me some more pictures last night so I hope you don’t mind if I post just a couple more later!)

My friend Catie gave me some free passes to a movie and we went to see Date Night last night. Go now. It was gustbustingly funny. I laughed out loud and hard for the first time in ages and it felt really good. Tine Fey, Steve Carell, Mark Wahlberg, James Franco and Mila Kunas all gave really standout performances.

April 15

I might have maybe just worn these same pants yesterday. Let’s just say I didn’t, how’s that? “Pics or it didn’t happen”, right?

April 15

I still have that sleeveless shirt/ short skirt combo hanging in my closet, lol. But the mornings continue to be pretty chilly, so I have not been brave enough to wear it yet. It’s OK, really. Soon enough it will be blisteringly hot for months on end, and I am not trying to rush that.

April 15

I briefly considered whether it was actually OK to wear two different shades of blue suede in one outfit. But only briefly. In the end my only real crime is that I am all but begging it to rain, am I right? And I think it just might.

I remember one of my sweet readers saying that she had this shirt and she removed the bow. If you are still reading, I’d love to hear from you again! I’d remove it, but it looks like it will leave an empty fabric loop just hanging there. How did that work?

April 15

I am ashamed to say I have needed to replace that watch battery for months and months now. I finally did on Monday. I have missed it so much. And with all the Alice buzz* right now, I thought it would be cute to wear it with my bunny. And I love the bunny with florals anyway because it make it look like he is spending his day happily hopping through a field of flowers. Cheesy, I know. But it's the little things, right?

* We still haven’t seen it, we have made plans a couple times but stopped short of actually spending that much money. 3D is expensive, and I’m cheap.

Cardigan and Blouse, Target
Pants, Forever XXI
Shpes, Old Navy
Bag, GAP, hand me down from Erin
Bunny necklace, gift from Mikal
Watch necklace,


God's Favorite Shoes! said...

I love your hair like that:) I can't wait to see Date Night...mainly because the most beautiful man to ever breathe is in the movie (Common...the sexy, black bald guy). I'm getting giddy just typing his name!

He literally is my one and only celebrity crush...that I dream about having bastard babies with, that is:)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that bag. Gorgeous! And the fact that your rabbit is an albino. Or evil. Maybe an evil albino? He should meet my mouse, who's also evil:

Emily Kennedy said...

Oooh yay! A good review of Date Night! I have been thinking it would be fun, but good to hear from a trusted voice.

I LOVE laughing out loud. It feels so good!

Chelsea said...

Those blue suede shoes are fantastic! And I also love your pocket watch necklace... I'm not a big fan of wearing a watch, so this would be perfect :)

Becky said...

Cute cute cute! I saw Date Night the other night on my date night with my boyfriend! Justin Long ("Mac" from the Apple commercials") was in the concessions line in front of us...So random! Anyway, as far as going to see "Alice..." I say save your money. I mean visually, it was ok, but I don't think the 3-D added much, and I saw it in IMAX 3-D which should make any movie look outstanding. Plus the plot is meh, and I didn't even like Alice's character, and Johnny Depp wasn't AMAZING either like I thought he would be. Just my 2 cents!

Kelly said...

I love your purse! And your necklaces (I actually have that same exact necklace from the same obviously I think you have good taste hahaha)

I also vote not to spend your money on Alice. I thought it was way more hyped up than it should have been.

Kelly said...

Oh and I'm glad to hear a thumbs-up about Date Night. I was worried that it was one of those movies where you see all the funny parts in the commercials.

Life with Kaishon said...

You always look so perfect. I can't even take it : )

what i would have worn... said...

I love the idea of a happy bunny necklace!

Thanks for the movie recommendation- I was wondering about that one. The Tina Fey/ Steve Carell combo seemed almost too good to be true.

DaShannon said...

i blogged about my Alice jewelry yesterday so i especially appreciate your Alice mix today!

Kristen said...

I am the sweet reader! :) My shirt is long gone now, but I did remove the bow and loved that top even more. It does leave a fabric loop, but like you are doing here once you put some long necklaces on you don't notice it much. I think it'll look great still. If it bugs you, I guess you could tack it down, but I never had any problems with it flapping around. Good luck!