Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Spend My Time There By The Shore

April 20

That’s a really solid outfit. I feel good in it. And that’s about all I have to say about it. Do you ever run out of things to say about your clothes? I mean we, as a community, talk about our clothes every day. And normally I have plenty to say. But some days not so much.

April 20

But let’s talk about something else. Do you like Rock and Roll? If I could recommend just one Rock and Roll band to you, and the world, forever, it would be The Black Angels. They do Rock and Roll the way I imagined it when I was a kid. Gritty, angry and loud. They have an energy I have never felt from any other band, and I love seeing them live. I cannot stand still. I close my eyes and sway and am totally enveloped by the music. They used to play a lot more around here, but I get the impression they are doing pretty well, because they had a track featured on Vampire Diaries of all things a couple weeks ago. That was…strange, but I’m glad for the exposure.

April 20

Go listen to these tracks on the on-site player:
Better off Alone
The First Vietnamese War - my personal favorite.

The order a copy of "Passover".

You will not be disappointed. And if you have a few extra bucks and want to show me your gratitude for introducing you to the most awesome Rock and Roll Band ever, you can order me that Headdress Logo Tee, because I do not have that one and it is AWESOMESAUCE.

ETA: We are going to go see them THIS WEEKEND in Austin at Austin Psych Fest 3! They are playing TWICE.

Jacket, Alexander McQueen for Target
Blouse, Wal-Mart
Pants, Forever XXI
Heels, Target (recent)
Bag, Thrifted, Antonio Melani
Earrings, self made
Watch necklace, Fink Gifts at Etsy


God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Those shoes are the business!!
I just left Target an hour ago (I had an hour break)...I bought those new Cynthia Vincent cognac gladiator wedges that just came out this week.

I passed by that belt that you have...and it's till not on sale:(

Tanya Patrice said...

Dang - you're going to make me go to Target to look for those shoes :-) Very cute.

what i would have worn... said...

I love this jacket! You have so many fabulous jackets.
And golly! The Black Angels are amazing. I’d never heard of them before and even after a quick listen I can tell I need their album. Thank you. (you probably should give me your size and postal address for the t-shirt!)

Emily Kennedy said...

I am loving cork shoes at the moment. I am wearing a pair from Payless, that are kind of similar to yours. Good stuff.

I like rock and roll! I will listen to your band when I get a sec. Thanks for the recommendation!

Clare said...

I'm totally with you about being short on words sometimes. I've had major writers block lately.

Also, I'm so psyched to try out that band! I'm always on the hunt for new tunes.

Kaumealani said...

Love the shoes. Seriously want them.

myedit said...

I keep peaking at those shoes... so pretty!

Kayla said...

I completely agree. Some day I can only come up with a few words for a post, and the next I will ramble for sentences before I look back and realize that I was completely off on 3 different tangents. I supposed that's how diaries work as well, and really aren't all of our blogs just public diaries? Oh I love the art of venting through our blogs :)

P.S. I also adore that shirt on you!

Keira said...

I love this whole look. You're right, it's a solid outfit and nothing else needs to be said :-) I really dig that jacket, and the contrast with the floral top.


Someone said...

Those shoes are cute!

On the subject of music - I don't listen to rock anymore, had enough through the whole 1970s and beyond. (I love ska, however [but not ska-punk...boooring!] and many other genres, with a special emphasis on instrumental stuff actually.) I'm just really surprised anyone still calls it rock "and roll." :)

Kristen said...

I am completely mad for that top, and look at you ROCK those shoes!!

Clothes Coquette said...

Such a cute outfit! I love love Target shoes (I haven't about a dozen I'm sure), but I'm always wary of buying them since about half the time they end up coming apart at some point. I'm not sure if that happens to you or anyone else. Although that didn't stop me from buying two pair this weekend!

Leah said...

i really really like your bag - looks nice & sturdy.

Life with Kaishon said...

Those are the greatest shoes ever. You look fantastic for sure.

I run out of words all the time.

Kendi Lea said...

I'm sorry I am like pelting you with comments tonight but this is the cutest outfit ever. I want this whole thing in my closet right now. That jacket is so adorable. The top is so adorable and I want those shoes. Okay envious psycho babble over now.

Ellenitza said...

I love this outfit! So perfectly laid-back.