Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Dreams That You Dare To Dream Really Do Come True

(Thank you so, so much for all of your support. You really backed me up and it made me that much more confident in my choice to slow it down just a bit knowing you'll all still be here. Thank you, thank you, thank you.)

So, Nathan and I live in a Duplex with another guy. We all get along. We have two separate apartments, but only one address, one mailbox. No “A” or “1/2” separates our address from his. As a result, anytime something gets delivered to “resident” there is an unspoken challenge to see which one of us can be the laziest about getting rid of it. The logic being that if my NAME isn't on it, it's not really my responsibility. Phone books are an especially challenging item to ignore as they are so big and bulky, but as evidenced by the fact that when we took our photos today, we totally missed THIS:

May 21

Big orange plastic bag full of phone book, Nathan and I ate dedicated to making a good run of ignoring this one. I'll let you know how it turns out, I suspect I'll crack first.

May 21

I really liked a couple of things about my look this day. One was my hairstyle. It looked so fancy and amazing. It's the same side braid I always do, sans bump, and rolled into a bun.

May 21

I was really pleased with how it came out, but I did have a couple problems with it. The first being the way it highlighted my gray. Now I've been at peace with my gray hair for a few months now. Nathan mentioned at some point he kind of liked it. But this picture made me feel like maybe it's a bit out of hand. I don't tend to look as old as I am. I like that. This makes me look older. I colored it this weekend, or Nathan colored it for me anyway. Not that there is anything wrong with gray hair, it just didn't feel right for me anymore. The other problem was that it hurt. I had a pin in there wrong, and it pulled so much I eventually had to take it down and just wear it in a braid. I'm pretty sure I found a solution though,. We stopped at CVS on the way home, and they had one of the elusive Goody Spin Pins in stock.

spin pin

Oh. My. Goodness. These are amazing. No pulling, and for serious realsies, the two spin pins hold my hair as well as 20 bobby pins. It's amazing. I am super impressed. I looked for them online at first and honestly, most places are either selling them in a bundle with other products, or charging so much for shipping it costs more than the pins, which I got for under $4.00 at CVS. I can't recommended them enough. Amazing little things.

May 21

The other thing I was wanting to talk to you about was my necklace.

May 21

It was made by fellow blogger Katie, over at in my own little universe, and I bought it in her etsy store of the same name. Katie has been invited to come to the MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge, which will giver her an opportunity of a lifetime, to get her pieces in the hands ,and on the bodies of, celebrities at the event. The only glitch is that she needs to not only come up with 100 pieces to give away, she also has to come up with an event fee of $5000 and pay for travel expenses. I believe in supporting not just our fellow bloggers, but artists in general. If you feel like you can help, Katie is taking contributions on her blog. I am not in a place to be able to give myself, so I wanted to offer her my support by sharing her story and asking you guys to help if you can. Any little bit. I think she only needs a little bit more help, and she has been working SUPER hard. You could literally be making someones dreams come true.

Tee, Target, customized by me
Denim leggings, ANA at JC Penny
Leather bow flats, Target
Bag, Nordstrom Rack
Necklace, My Own Little Universe at Etsy


God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Loving that hair style!!!

Katherine said...

Your hair looks really nice that way (as well as with the bump!)

RETRO REVA said...

I have been wondering about the hair spin pins! Thanks!!! I really need them. I am constantly loosing my bobby pins! Also, I feel ya on the gray root thingy. I notice the contrast most when wearing my go-to bun and the ends are a light reddish brown, and the roots are deep brown and gray! I will probably always dye my roots. I am glad you feel better about your blog decisions. You will always be a go-to blog!!!

Amie Eliza Pinkerton said...

Your hair looks beautiful (grey included!). I'd never seen those spin pin things before, they look awesome. I don't know if they're available in Australia, but I really want some now.

Kelly said...

I really like your hair like that!

I saw the spin pins at Target but didn't get them because I wasn't sure that they would work as great as the box said - now I want to try them out!

Ana - Toil and Trouble said...

LOVE the hair!!

I would love to be able to help her, but the hubs and I are on tight finances right now for some big plans :o(

Well, I'm not really sad, theyre good plans, just sad I can't help!

WendyB said...

I pulled out five gray hairs last week >:-(

Rachael said...

Love the hairdo! I colour regularly, always have, even before I started going gray. There are too many to pull out these days.

Breanne at Bella Vita said...

Too funny about the phone book!

I love the hairstyle on you. So pretty.

Thanks for the tip about Katie, her opportunity and her shop :-)

V said...

So glad you posted about these twisty hair things...I was totally wondering about them! I have major grey and don't like it, but my hair is thinning, so I'm not coloring my hair right now. I love your hair!

Rebecca said...

I love a side bun. It is nice to see those twisty things can work for someone with a lot of hair. Hopefully I can find some around here.

Clare said...

I laughed out loud when I saw that orange bag! Joe and I do the same thing with our junk mail. I think our postal carrier HATES us. We let stuff lie for weeks.

Anyway, I adore your hair, and your shoes, and your necklace. Great look, head to toe!

Sheila said...

Your hair looks lovely like that, Erin - and I like the gray (although I colour the heck out of my hair!).

I just read your Thurs entry - easing off is cool. I'll still be here. :)

myownlittleuniverse said...

aww, your write up for my little adventure almost brought a lil tear to my eye! i feel so blessed to get such awesome support! hehe..i'm a total mush ball :)
i love the hair do! so pretty! and i color my boyfriends hair who is 27 and has lots o grays! and my friend mandy has been getting them since like 16..haha!

Kate said...

Love the hair, and I actually really like the way a little bit of grey looks! Your hair is so dark and gorgeous that it really highlights it well :-)

Do you think those spin pins would work well in fine, straight hair? Mine is juuuuuuust about to the point I can get it into a wimpy little bun, but every time I try I have to use so many bobby pins that it just looks a mess.

Kyla said...

your hair looks so pretty like this! I LOVE the side swept look on you. and I MUST find those spin pins. FREAKIN' GENIUS!

Life with Kaishon said...

I can't wear my hair up because my face is SO flipping fat, but if I ever can again, i will be sure to look those up : )

Fat Chance said...

Thanks for the tip on the spin pins - bought some tonight @ CVS and I am in LOVE. My hair is superfine and it holds up so well with these!

Jennifer said...

this look NEEDS some spike heels!! Bad!