Monday, May 10, 2010

Whip It, Whip It Good.

Awww. Crackers! I found these pants Saturday for 7 bucks off the sale rack at Forever XXI. 7 bucks is about what I have to spend and I am desperate for black pants so I picked them up. They are a bit long and had some odd motocross type detailing at the knees, but I figured I could rock them. Now that I see them in the harsh light of day they just look really ill fitting. Baggy all around. Nuts.

May 10

It’s not quite tragic, but it’s not good either. And having them tailored would cost more than I paid for them*.

May 10

To be honest, I’ll probably just keep wearing them because I am really low on options at this point**. I’m sure they will work better paired with a longer shirt to hide all that bulgy mess. Or I hope so at least!

May 10

Oh my gosh. So we moved to a new suite (again!) at work and it is freezing in here all the time. We have 3 thermostats, and all the dials are shoved as far over as we can get them, but the AC just won’t quit. We even blocked off all the vents, but we can still hear it behind there, rushing, trying to get at us and freeze us to death. My hands ache it’s so cold! I’m drinking my green tea hot instead of iced! In MAY!

May 10

So basically I still need a jacket pretty much every day. I’ve got a blanket I can wear at my desk, and a ratty old company sweatshirt I cut open to make into a cardigan, but both of them leave fuzz all over everything so I try and avoid using them unless I have to. I know my boss has complained to the building management and asked them to take a look at it and I sure do hope they get it fixed before I end up with frostbite and out on workman’s comp!

*Tailoring is a great thing, and I am an advocate, but it can also be expensive.

**I know several of you suggested thrifting and I can’t remember if I ever responded. I am totally in agreement that it’s a great option when you are broke, but you have to have time. And for something like dress pants, perhaps considerable time, and I just find I have very little lately!

Jacket, Forever XXI
Tee, American Apparel
Pants, Forever XXI
Clogs, White Mountain via
Necklace, self made


Emily Kennedy said...

I really love those pants on you! Maybe you could just do a wee little hem yourself to make them shorter? Because tailoring is expensive, I agree, but those pants are too cute to get relegated to the back of the closet.

WendyB said...

They don't look too bad to me. Luckily black hides a lot of clothing issues, eh?

Kendra said...

I actually really like them on you! It's a slightly different silhouette on you than we see here mostly, but I wouldn't call them unflattering! I say stick with em... show us a couple diff. ways you were em. I bet they continue to get high marks. :)

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

I know the whip it song! I know it! I know the song today! I can't rest now! lol!

The Pale and Pallor Princess said...

Great jacket!

myedit said...

They don't look too bad... a bit baggy at the crotch (I wrote immature)... I wonder if you could wear them lower on the hips and have them be more casual?
Boo to the cold office...

SHOEGAL said...

They are only a little bit too big at the top. Can you try to take them in yourself at the side seams as they were so cheap? You don't have to unpick anything, just stitch in a new seam to make them tighter then if it all goes wrong you can undo them.

V said...

I love the way the pants look on you!

Clare said...

I totally understand your frustration, but I actually think these pants look great on you. WendyB may have a point that the color of the pants disguises any bagginess that you might notice more. You rock an all-black ensemble like nobody's business!

Kasmira said...

Sorry about your freezing office! What if you wore the sweatshirt inside-out? Would that keep the fuzz off of your clothes?

Jen said...

I agree with everyone else - I think the pants look great!