Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In A Fast German Car, I‘m Amazed That I Survived

I am not sure I could have gone any more expected or traditional with my accessories today, but when something works, it works!~

May 4

I got this tee at Target when we were in Austin, I got this one and the black and cream striped one I wore last week. I am normally a little scared of stripes. The stories they tell you in school are not lies, they tend to make me look and feel bigger. But something about the cut and the size of the stripes on these actually accentuates my curves in the most flattering way without making me looks big at all. And the fabric is ridiculously soft.

May 4

I can’t believe I’m tucking this in. I swear it had been years! And then last week I tucked the other one in and it just really worked. I tried this with the tee out and it looked totally fine, but in, it just looked so much better.

May 4

I have reached that point where I know it would be better for my hair if I got a trim, but I’m not ready. I have developed some really weird issues about my hair over the years. I used to have both a reoccurring dream and a very real fear that someone would chop it off from behind me in a nightclub. I have no idea where that came from, but to this day I have a tendency to sweep it to the side and over my shoulder so I can see it when I’m out. And I just can’t imagine ever wearing it short again. I cut it short for the last time when Nathan’s dad was in the hospital getting a heart transplant 13(?*) years ago or so. We went to visit him and in his deeply drugged up state he flat out told me he hated it. I never did it again. Clearly I care what my father-in-law thinks! Give me a month and I’ll get it trimmed.

May 4

I know I have too many pictures today, but sometimes you just get a good batch!~ I have not had a good batch in a while cause I keep having sleepy time face every morning. My Blackberry didn’t go off this morning though, and when I looked at it was frozen at the time the alarm should have gone off, and so I had to do a hard reset where you take the battery out, and then it told me it was 7 AM and I almost went back to bed, but instead I checked Nathan’s clock and it told me it was 8 AM. I was so mad. So that got me good and woke up.

May 4

I have been having a lot of trouble creating lately. I sit down with my kit and nothing comes. So I was really excited when I made this a couple weeks ago. I think it came out really pretty and simple and classic.

The following is a genuine reaction to the question “Why don’t you do some scissor kicks?”


I did not do any scissor kicks.

One last thing, Weardrobe users...I am on some sort of "0 likes" streak. I was getting 10 or so per look there for a while, and I give them freely whenever I like something. Any advice? Is it just a fluke or did I offend someone? Weardrobe continues to not make much sense to me, but I participate 4-5 days a week.

*I am so bad with remembering how long ago stuff was. We were in collage. We were engaged, but not married, I think. And it was the nineties. Ray, my father-in-law is fine now. His heart is younger than me.

Tee, Target (recent)
Pants, Wal-Mart
Belt, Target
Shoes, Target
Bag, Thrifted by husband
Necklace, self made
Bracelet, self made


Cristy said...

You're right! Those stripes are very flattering. You look great today! I love the whole outfit and the pops of red. Gorgoeus! :)

Chelsea said...

Okay I'm loving this tucked in look you've got going on here woman. The red accents are fabulous (especially the necklace), and the stripes look amazing on you.

I have recurring dreams where my teeth fall out... like totally vivid and I wake up and make sure they're all there. It's like torture!

EvaNadine said...

not only do you NOT look fat in this outfit, but when i first saw it, i thought to myself "wow, erin looks super-thin in this outfit!"
stripes are amazing. the pants are perfect. the shoes, purse, and other red touches... outstanding!
home run!

RETRO REVA said...

I have those same shoes! Love em!!!
I swear, I just asked another blogger what the heck is up with Weardrobe as well!!! I believe it's several things.
1. So many photos are now done professionally as blogdonia is so popular. Let's face it, gals like "shiny".
2. The format now sucks!!! Your photo is only on the page for a minute or so!
3. The format sucks.
Oh, yeah, said that already!
4. If you aren't in the 25 or so "regular" bloggers featured, ya miss out.
5. We don't wear tutu's with harem pants and giant feather boas and quote poems while on LSD.
;) (but to each their own)
Sorry to ramble, but weardobe has me a little miffed. Did u do the survey? Boy, I sure did!!!
Another thing, if your outfit can't be purchased at their sponsor's stores, or one similar, ya don't get much play. I feel ya!!!
I hope this doesn't offend anyone who is in love with Weardrobe either, it's just an opinion, but with that said, sometimes if it ain't broke, don't mess with it ;)
I still want to see real creativity and inspiration, not magazine images. Street style!!!

RETRO REVA said...

Holy crap, batman!!! I'm on your blog roll! How cool is that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks a bunch!!!

Ellenitza said...

Cute! I'm a big fan of stripes myself.

Jess said...

Loving this look, it's simple and classic but you've put a lot of your own touches on it so it's still an "Erin" look.

I really, really, really am in love with that bracelet. It's gorgeous!

Kathryn from Schoolmarm Style said...

I love the tucked in look on you. It's so flattering and you look so slim! I guess the skinny pants challenge has been working for you!

I completely agree with you on having a little annoyance with Weardrobe, and I totally agree with Reva's insights on the issue. In fact, in the last survey I mentioned my desire to see more "real girl fashion."

Have you entered my T0shirt skirt giveaway at schoolmarmstyle.blogspot.com yet?

what i would have worn... said...

As you know, I can’t resist a stripe!
My mum saw a reader article in the Sydney Morning Herald about the lack of tolerance in society today. The author had seen a woman who had been trying to read a book on the train whilst the long hair of the girl in front kept flicking over her page. Instead of explaining to the girl what was happening and perhaps asking her if she could tuck her hair over her shoulder, the woman took out a pair of scissors and cut it off. The girl then got off the train at the next stop completely unaware of what had just happened. So your nightmare isn’t so crazy after all!

Lesa said...

I love your jewelry and stripes are my favorite. Pretty pics.

Jane W. said...

Chic yet quietly edgy--that bracelet is beautiful.

Clare said...

Yup, this is an AMAZING batch of pictures! I love the outfit, and I think the stripes look phenomenal on you. The red/coral accessories are just perfect, too!

RETRO REVA said...

I don't remember if you sew, but buy a pair of wide-leg pants, gently snip the edge bottom seam and add elastic and see how you like em! Or a pair of wide-leg cropped pants would work, too! I didn't think I'd like them, but amazingly I do! I get thrifted cheapos for experimenting with!
I think you'd look awesome!

Kasmira said...

I could never get into Weardrobe. Or Chictopia. Or anything other than Wardrobe Remix. They're all too slick for me.

krimsonblue said...

I love those stripes! That bracelet is gorgeous too!

Emily Kennedy said...

I love this outfit on you. The tucking was a great idea. You look all kinds of svelte.

Brickhouse said...

Add one more reader to the stripe brigade! LURVE the outfit. And the Radiohead title, too!

Goober said...

There are few things I love as much as red accessories. You look so lovely and thin - I love the tucked in stripes on you.

Gracey said...

I love this look. I think it's simple, but very flattering. I bought two of these shirts from Target too, and agree that they're super comfortable. Not at all clingy, and therefore pretty darned flattering, in spite of the horizontal stripes. You look great in yours!

WendyB said...

Not even ONE little teeny weeny scissor kick?

Leah said...

Ahh the good ole' morning face...it takes me captive quite a lot. Vicious villain.

Cute bracelet!

& I'm kinda getting back into the whole tucking-my-shirt-in thing again. I'm pretty sure I did it a lot when I was probably 7. haha But it just makes an outfit look more polished & put together, & even moreso with stripes I think.

Future Lint said...

I like the tuck in because otherwise no one ever sees my belts! I love the reds with this and your bracelet is so cool!

I don't "get" weardrobe either... like once every week I remember to shove all my photos for the week on there and randomly "like" a few but I really don't get the format... the "friends" thing or whatever... I also haven't taken the time to try too much...

Kristen said...

I seriously LOVE this. The stripes, the strong lines of the pants, the awesome bits of red with the accessories. One of my all-time favorites of yours!

Life with Kaishon said...

That shirt is SO great. LOVE the necklace too. And the red. Super fabulous. You are so fun : )

Tina said...

I can't get over how amazing you look in this. Seriously, it's a knockout!

As far as Weardrobe goes, the one time I tried to sign up for it, I was rejected!! So at least you are doing better than I am.

myownlittleuniverse said...

ooh ooh! i love this! i know it's really simple...but i just have a thing for stripes. especially when black and red are involved! love the necklace you made...looks like coral. cuteness!

Jennifer said...

Ummm....no. Red bag + red shoes - huge no no in my neck of the woods. When wearing red, esp with accessories, keep it to one item, those are the rules in my neighborhood! Very cute tshirt though.