Monday, May 17, 2010

Long As God Can Grow It My Hair!

(This is a repost! I've had a couple people ask how I make my bump, so I'm reposting this blog from way back when for them, I know my hair is longer now and the bangs are gone, but the process is the same! Hope it helps. XOXO)

*You need Hair Spray and bobby pins. I use up to four bobby pins. More than that looks a little cluttered. And a lot of hair spray. It needs to be the kind that does not get flaky or white bits when you comb through it.

You need hair spray and bobby pins

Grab a small section at the front of your hair (I include a little bit more than my bangs) and hold it STRAIGHT UP. Spray it from the front AND the back, and then hold it upright until the hair spray dries. Then let it fall.

Grab a small section from the front of your hair...

Reach up and sort of "stir" your hair, like you are washing it.


Now spray the hot mess that made.

Spray the hot mess you made

We are getting close!~ Reach back with one hand and gather the hair and place the first pin in. Keep pinning until it feels secure.

Reach back with one hand and gather the hair together

But like I said, more than four will look sort of cluttered...

I use up to 4 pins

Spray it again. YES, again.

Spray it. Again.

TA-DA!~ You're done.


*you can view bigger pics by clicking on through to the Flickr set, which also has instructions.


Kelly said...

thank you!! this is the first tutorial I've seen that does not use a) teasing or b) bump-it type contraptions. I hate teasing and you can see bump-its through my fine hair. I can't wait to try your method.

Breanne at Bella Vita said...

That's pretty much how I do it too. I haven't worn my hair like that in a while though, so maybe it's time for a comeback. :-)

Your hair's always so pretty that it's no wonder people ask how you do it. :-)

Anonymous said...

I think I just found my soulmate. I mean, seriously, I found your blog today and just back read for about a half hour and I think we are style and hair soulmates. :)

<3 KP

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

You're lucky having straight hair. If I do this to mine the hair spray just makes it curl and I look like Kramer.

When I do my coif I straighten the front and then actually roll and pin. So if you looked at me side on you could see through to the other side.

I love the style and wish I could be bothered straightening the front every morning.

Cindy said...

Thank you for the hair post. I've wondered how you always make your hair look so perfect. I have fine hair with long side bangs, I hope I can do this style too. Cindy

WendyB said...

Great lyrics choice...I'm going to see Hair tomorrow!

Emme said...

Thanks for posting this. I've been admiring your hair for months!

Jessica said...

love the facial expressions! such a beautiful, classic look!

Tohnia said...

I am so jealous of your length! I'm trying to grow my hair out, but its stuck at "just past my shoulders and a pain in the ass" and i'm trying to get it back to my original length of half way down my back (I MISS IT!) so I have hair envy!

Kelly said...

Just wanted to come back and say I've used your method a couple times now (well now that I'm back here I see that I have been skipping the second spraying, but still.) and it is fantastic. I always thought that I had to tease to get that bump and I hate teasing. But this is perfectly simple and easy and effective. Thanks again!