Monday, October 20, 2008

Begin Again

Well, Picnik seems to be down for the count, and I want to go ahead and get back to blogging, so I am going to be freestyle unedited for now!

This dress is the same dress I wore on Day 1. I’m wearing different boots, and different jewelry, but it’s the same cardigan. Which brings me to something that is really starting to concern me. This blog? By it’s very nature, is going to contain repeat outfits, which is something I don’t see a lot of on style blogs. And I am not sure what the reader response will be. Will you get bored and stop checking? I hope not. I hope that I can remain interesting and relevant without having to wear something brand new to you every day. Here’s hoping…

Oct 20

Oct 20

These boots have been working out really well. I got some Dr Scholl’s inserts for them, as the heel is pretty high, and they stay comfortable all day.

Oct 20

Cardigan, Alternative Apparel
Dress, Urban Outfitters
Leggings, Target
Boots, Matisse
Earrings, Wal-Mart
Necklace, Haute Hardware


Unknown said...

I wouldn't worry about repeating outfits. I do that all the time!

E said...

Hey Pretty Lady!!

I repeat like crazy, too. What happens if I really like an outfit!? Why wouldn't I be able to wear it again!? Usually I just change up my hair and no one notices :)

Which brings me to my next point: I love your hair. Thank you so much for your tutorial!

And my next point(s): Awesome outfit, great boots.

ebinbaby said...

I love, love, love the boots... are they vintage or new? Would you mind sharing the brand as they are just what I'm looking for!!!

Nana Erin said...

Thanks ladies!~

ebinbaby, oops!~ I edited to add details. Sorry. They are by Matisse!

yotababy said...

I still really, really like that dress!

Kelly said...

I feel like I wear the same thing ALL the time. Hence why I won't be having a fashion blog. Some things just really WORK.

half1113 said...

I love those boots. I will still check back here religiously. :)

Anonymous said...

Love this outfit! So warm and soft and sensuous! I totally want that cardigan.

kiran said...

i have nothing against repeated outfits, if it looks and feels good, of course you should repeat, and i won't bored of looking! BUT at the same time i think you could use this an opportunity to branch out a bit more and challenge yourself. i recently started using (i dont think i can handle the commitment of a blog) and its really been forcing me to dig deeper into my closet and think more about what i'm doing, i'm known for repeating a good outfit even in the same week if i know the same people won't see me---but getting dressed is getting so much more fun and i'm discovering new ways to style the same things--it might also help you discover where your closet is lacking and help you fine tune your shopping habits!

Kasmira said...

OMG. I am never reading your blog again!

JK. There is no rule that you can't repeat outfits! And you mixed this one up a little, so it isn't really a repeat, anyway.