Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pretty in Pink

We went to an art opening at our friend Eric’s office. We weren’t sure of the dress code, and when we got there most of the other girls were in jeans and nice tops, or casual dresses, but I’d rather be a little over dressed than under dressed ANY day. Erin gave me this dress last time we cleaned out her closet, and I was really excited to have an excuse to wear it. It’s a size too big, but I don’t think it’s noticeable, and it would be pretty expensive to tailor.

October 25

I got tons of compliments at the showing, as well as later, when we went down to Oak Lawn for the big Halloween block party. I swear, every year I end up having another event on the night of the block party and end up not being able to wear a costume. But at least I looked great. I just said I was dressed as a girl.

I love the contrast of the biker jacket and party dress, and I really liked the way the dress was cut so that it showed off my tattoo when I took the jacket off. That way with or without the jacket I maintained a little bit of edginess.

October 25

I changed into flats for the block party, but these shoes were actually pretty comfortable for the couple hours that I stood around in them, and I think they are perfect for the dress.

October 25

October 25

And for a dash of sweet, bunny earrings.

October 25

Jacket, Bona Drag
Dress, Isaac Mizrahi for Target
Shoes, Sigerson Morrison for Target
Earrings, Haute Hardware
Bag, Lush


Meesh said...

Jesus, Erin that dress is stunning! You radiate in it! :D

Jane said...

Love the dress and the oodles of fabric. The colour and cut are great on you.
Love the Laundry look too!

hello jamie: said...

I. want. that. dress.

Sal said...

You're so right: The contrast of jacket-to-dress is fantastic.

A said...

That colour looks amazing on you! LOVE the earrings too. <3

meanderingway said...

yeah. i was looking pretty good on saturday with you on my arm

heidijudy said...

love your outfits.

Anonymous said...

The shoes look great. I have been eyeballing those since they came out!