Friday, October 10, 2008

Vintage D&B Dream

With the exception of a change of cardigans I totally wore this over to Lara’s house last night. That’s just how I roll. We sat around talking and setting up trackers (HERE IS MY STEALTH COUNTER!) on our blogs. And making fun of the boys, who were in the other room. But only a little bit.

This shirt is so ridiculously soft. Alternative Apparel may win my love over American Apparel if they put out a Deep V.

So this bag is kind of a big deal.

When I was a kid the fad was Liz Claiborne, which we could afford, and then Dooney and Bourke, which we could not (I totally have my mom’s back on this, $250 is a bit much for a handbag when you are 15). I was pretty interested in handbags even at 15, and I spent a lot of time trying to think of a way I could afford one. It never happened. Then last year, I tried searching for one on eBay. I bid and bid and bid, but never could win. The bids always went way above my price range. Then last week we were talking handbags at work (surprise surprise, I was talking handbags) and I mentioned that I was jealous of a certain co-workers vintage D&B. WELL. Another co-worker, we shall call her my Fairy Godmother (even though she is far to young to be a Godmother) piped in and said SHE had a vintage D&B and I could HAVE it. !!! I was so excited. Then, when she brought it in, not only was it in fabulous condition, it was the EXACT BAG I had been bidding on and losing at eBay. So needless to say, I love it. I took it straight home last night and wiped it down with leather oil and ~*love*~ .

Love these shoes. At first I was not sure what I would wear a yellow leather loafer with, as I’m not really a loafer kind of girl, but I find a LOT of things to wear them with, and the leather is like butter. And they look super expensive, but were only 30 USD.

Lara at FASHIONate made this lovely necklace for me after I commented that I loved her red one. It’s made of buttons, but it doesn’t look super “crafty”, just classic casual. I really love it.

Vneck, Nathan’s closet (Alternative Apparel)
Cardigan, Alternative Apparel
Jeans, Seven (thrifted)
Loafers, Isaac Mizrahi for Target
Bag, Vintage Dooney and Bourke (gift)
Necklace, handmade by Lara at FASHIONate (gift)


meanderingway said...

pretty sweet shirt ;)

half1113 said...

I KNEW you were going to say you wanted a D&B purse in high school. I did too. :)

You look awesome. :D

yotababy said...

Even better the second time around--ha! I still love that scarf. And I meant to say I liked your yellow shoes last night!

A said...

You have such good purse karma!! That's awesome. I have never seen a vintage D&B (I'm only familiar with the gaudy kinds that girls like Lindsay Lohan & Hayden advertised), but that is very nice. I think I know who your Fairy Godmother is~! ;)

That necklace is SO cute. I really love it!

I have to check out this Alternative Apparel. Do you buy online or is there a store in TX?

Kelly said...

D&B... that brings back the memories.

The Bagboy said...

That button necklace is pretty cool.

How do you do that cool framed effect on your pictures? Is that a macro in your camera?

Boutique Girl said...


I have just found your blog and I love your style. I have added your blog to my blogroll - I look forward to reading more!

hello jamie: said...

I love yellow shoes-- I think they go with everything.