Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The sweater over a dress thing

Speaking of repeats!~ I JUST wore this dress last week. But I styled it differently today. I had an entire outfit planned around a cold front that doesn’t come in today. Whoops. So I had to improvise.

Oct 21

Every time I see someone do the sweater over the dress thing, I think “SO CUTE” and then when I try it myself I’m never sure. This is the first time I’ve been happy enough with the results to actually make it out of the house in the combo.

Oct 21

I’m giving myself a dirty look because I forgot to put on my slip. And while this dress is not see through in the least, it does mean my tights will be sticking to my dress all day. I am not pleased with myself!

Oct 21

These shoes are super cute, and I have more than got my moneys’ worth since I got them last year.

Oct 21

The locket has a picture of Nathan on one side and me on the other. XOXO

Oct 21

I called these “jellyfish” earrings when Erin first made them, because, well…they look like jellyfish!~

Dress, Forever XXI
Cardigan, Target
Tights, Target
Shoes, Target
Earrings, Haute Hardware
Silver and Semi Precious Stone bracelets, self made
Silver “DADA” bangle, MoMA NYC
Silver thin bangle, James Avery, gift


meanderingway said...

i'm always a fan of red shoes with black/white/grey outfits. nice!

A said...

Those shoes are from Target? I LOVE them. So cute I could die. I love your totally different look for the same dress!

I think we're getting that cold front tomorrow--it's supposed to be 40 here!

half1113 said...

I'm still waiting for that cold front. I bought a new sweater over the weekend at Target and I want to wear it!

Sal said...

I've been too chicken to try this look myself, but I think you totally nailed it.

kiran said...

adorable- any advice on slip buying? i never know where to get em!

V said...

I love the sweater over the dress look and you make it look so easy!

Meesh said...

Love those shoes!

ohthatgirl said...

Repeat or not, I love this dress and the way you switched it up with the styling. ;O)

Autumn said...


Boutique Girl said...

I have given you an Honest blog award!

Nina said...

This bracelet is craving material! It reminds me of a gorgeous necklace I saw on a 2005 Vogue issue

check it out here:

Nice blog. I'm digging your style. Will be round again.

Have a nice weekend :D