Friday, October 10, 2008

TAG you’re it.

I got tagged by the lovely Ohthatgirl (see link What That Girl Wears). So I give you, My Favorites:

Eleven (favorite) Things About Me:

1. Clothing Shop- Target. Hands down. Just look at the descriptions in my pictures.
2. Furniture Shop- Ikea. Cute, affordable and modern

3. Sweets – Oh My Goodness. Any of them. My friend Rod Cruz and I MIGHT just end up in therapy over how much we adore anything sweet.

4. City – Dallas. I’ve been a few places, but never anywhere I loved more than home sweet home.

5. Drink – Diet Red Bull. I am trying to cut down. I also love the Arizona Green Tea in the big ol’ jug. It’s so good Nathan tasted it and said “Whoa. This can’t be diet”. Good cold AND hot!~

6. Music – POP. I just love pop. But I also love rock, hip hop, rap and techno. Anything I can dance to or that tells a great story. My favorite all time group? The Spice Girls. I saw them with my Alannah girl in LA and Vegas last year? And we almost DIED we were so happy.

7. TV Series – For NOW, Gossip Girl, 90210 (old and new), Privileged, Heros, Mad Men, Pushing DaisiesUgly Betty, The Office, 30 Rock, The Hills (don’t judge me!), Dr Who, Torchwood AND my all time favorites are Spaced, Twin Peaks, Buffy and The IT Crowd. I love my DVR and Amazon.UK.

8. Film- Favorite? Spice World. Ahaha.

9. Workout- No thanks.

10. Pastries- Chocolate Croissant.

11. Coffee – Vanilla Cappuccino.

I don’t know enough HTML to tag you proper, but I’m tagging Lara, Berrylicious877, Phiano and Half113


yotababy said...

Oh...what? Ok, I'll get to work on that! :)

A said...

I will just put my answers here. Not that I was asked to. Ah ha ha.

1. Clothing Shop - Probably Target, although I am not a fan of clothes shopping! If I had someone to do it with, that would help!

2. Furniture Shop - No idea. We don't buy much furniture and there's STILL no IKEA here. :(

3. Sweets - Lindt really super extra dark truffles. Can't remember the proper name but I LOVE those things.

4. City - I really loved Reading, England. And Seattle, and Dallas.

5. Drink - Dr. Pepper (NOT diet), or a really good cup of black tea (no milk or sugar).

6. Music - I love all kinds except zydeco & musicals, but Bowie, Kylie & the Spice Girls are my faves (no, really?)! I can die happy now that I've seen the Spice Girls live. MOST AWESOME SHOW EVAR.

7. TV Series - (currently airing) Gossip Girl, Free Radio, Intervention, The Hills, The Office, Survivor, Lost, Celebrity Rehab and Big Brother (ugh, I hate to admit that).

8. Film - Leon: The Professional

9. Workout - this question can't be for real.

10. Pastries - Any kind of pecan pie/pecan bar type thing. SO BAD FOR YOU but wow, my fave.

11. Coffee - I can't do coffee, but I'm big on chai!

hello jamie: said...

1. Clothing Shop - Anthropologie.

2. Furniture Shop - er... I don't really shop for furniture?

3. Sweets – I really like these sea-salt caramels at the Ferry Building in SF.

4. City – San Francisco

5. Drink – vodka.

6. Music – old stuff: Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Paul Simon, etc.

7. TV Series – the Food Network, sci-fi (BSG, Doctor Who, Fringe, Torchwood), House, Bones, Brothers & Sisters, the Daily Show

8. Film - Amelie (and yessss, the Professional!!!!)

9. Workout - Bikram Yoga.

10. Pastries - something savory.

11. Coffee – Double Tall Soy Latte.