Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Only shades of grey

Eh, I think I am going to have this skirt tailored to more of a fitted shape. The way it sits now is super unflattering. If it were thinner material, the shape might be fine, but it’s so bulky!

October 22

Love these earrings. So basic, but so Rock and Roll

October 22

Cardigan, Target
Tank, Hanes
Belt, Target
Skirt, Old Navy
Tights, Target
Socks, Target
Boots, Arturo Chiang
Earrings Haute Hardware


A said...

I LOVE that sweater--the print looks so good on you. I don't think the skirt is unflattering at all. Really cute look!!

yotababy said...

Yeah, I don't know anyone else that can pull off animal prints quite like you can! And the skirt looks really cute, but I bet if they take a little off the sides it'll look amazing!

meanderingway said...

the skirt is very wintery, which is fine, because today we're finally getting our promised cold front!

Sal said...

I hear ya, but it's still a great little ensemble. I'm gonna try my hand at taking in an oversized skirt this weekend - it was only $4 so if I ruin it, no big.

ohthatgirl said...

Lurve the cardigan!!! Is it a recent find? I really like the skirt and it doesn't look unflattering probably because of the silhouette you have going with the cardigan and belt.

Autumn said...

I love this outfit. That skirt is adorable. I wish it were mine. I used to have a similar long one, and I wish I still had it so I could shorten it. Jealous.

Nana Erin said...

OTG, No! I got it maybe 3 years ago? I actually noticed today it is starting to show it's age and I got so sad. I will not want to give it up. :(