Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Flower Shoes

I tried to do something different with my hair last night. It didn’t work. So it’s in a bun.

This dress feels too short without black leggings, but so far I’ve only gotten compliments, so I guess it’s OK. I think it’s really interesting how it looks pretty flattering in this pic:

And then not so much in this one:

I love these shoes, Lara over at FASHIONate got a pair in ecru, I think, last year, and I just loved them. I didn’t want to copy her exactly, since they are such a standout piece, so I went with the black.

LOVE this bright purple glazed leather bag. TJ Maxx is one of the few places an average girl can still afford a nice leather bag.

One of the first pieces I made after Erin taught me to wire wrap.

Dress, Mark by Avon.
Tights, Target.
Shoes, Not Rated at Amazon.com.
Earrings, self made.
Bag abro at TJ Maxx


Kelly said...

I love the shoes. They are on sale at Amazon right now. Want them SO bad. But I know I need boots more.

A said...

I must be psychic! Last night I was thinking of those shoes and wondering when you'd wear them in your blog, and then here they are!! I love them but I know I would never wear them. I eye them enviously on Amazon from time to time.

I just realized what dress that is--wow, it looks great on you! Much better than in the catalog (once again). They should have you model their stuff, then I might actually buy it!

yotababy said...

Oh, I LOVE that bag! I haven't been to TJ Maxx in years, but this makes me think it's definitely time I pay them another visit!

I almost wore tights that same color today, but I haven't quite gotten up the courage to wear them to work yet. So I ended up with purple instead.

And I totally scraped up the heel of one of my Honeybee shoes. :(

meanderingway said...

i'm a fan of the tights and the shoes ... and the dress ... and the earrings.

hello jamie: said...

love love love the shoes. LOVE them.

Anonymous said...

Adore those shoes, and especially love the colour of the tights - unusual shade, absolutely gorgeous!

Leah said...

I just found your blog and I love your creativity and idea of using what you have! Great outfits!