Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cold Front, yay!

Today is brought to you almost in it’s entirety by Target. If they actually carried nice leather boots and handbags, it might have been a sweep. I really feel boots should be leather if at all possible, because it’s a better investment, and my feet can BREATHE. I also just really prefer a leather bag. I’ve bought a few pleather bags and I just end up never carrying them. It’s probably a good thing. No telling HOW many bags I’d own if I liked pleather bags as well!

Oct 23

This is the last of the “new” items from this season. I had, I think, 3. And they were all dresses, all from Target, all from the SAME RACK of floral sheer dresses.

This is one of those bags, like my big purple abro bag, that when I switch over to it, I often carry it for days. It just goes with everything, it made of the nicest leather and is huge. I also love the shape and the little front pockets. I don’t normally like outer pockets much, but the styling on these is so cute.

Oct 23

I got these earrings maybe 2 weeks after Kasmira first wore them. Probably less. I was obsessed. I love them but they are so heavy I don’t wear them very often.

(I’m giving picnik another chance today. The edited photos on my 365 blog seem to be working now.)

Cardigan, Target
Dress, Target
Belt, Target
Tights, Target
Socks, Target
Boots, Matisse
Bag, Lush
Earrings, Claire’s


Kasmira said...

I also found those earrings too heavy for long wear. They're cute, though!

yotababy said...

I love all your Target dresses--so cute! I love this one with the belt.

Sal said...

Couldn't agree more on both bags and boots - I just can't go with fake leather. Sounds so snobby, but when I buy them - like you - I just don't end up wearing/using them.

A said...

Ooh, I like that cardigan a lot--is that from this season?

All of your dresses look different and you always wear them styled differently--I wouldn't even know they were all from Target!

I really love that purse. I'd be in financial trouble if I wore leather!!

Nana Erin said...

"Ooh, I like that cardigan a lot--is that from this season?"

YES. And they had it in black and a couple other colors. It wasn't that long ago. right before I started the blog, they should still have them GET AN X-SMALL, that's what mine is and it's still pretty big.

WendyB said...

I love big earrings...but I know how to make them so they're still light.

meanderingway said...

you know, i love animals, but i also love leather. it's a conundrum, but ultimately, i'm going to keep wearing/using leather because, yeah, it will last forever.

i'm digging that dress. i liked all of those dresses. they're nice.

Jane said...

I'm the same about shoes and boots.
Love the dress.