Thursday, October 30, 2008

Too Little House on the Prairie

I called Erin when I got in this morning and told her that every time I wear this I remember how she tried on the ecru version and deemed it “Too Little House on the Praire”*. And then I got the black. And she says she doesn’t think that about the black, but I still hear her say it every time I wear it, and it makes me giggle**.

That said, I love this dress. I feel thin and curvy and fabulous in it. SO fabulous I broke out the “high fashion pose”***

Oct 30

One of my very favorite combos is the all black outfit, brown shoes and bag. I think it really makes the accessories pop.

Oct 30

This jacket is a vintage wonder. In perfect condition, and all of $12 at a thrift store. AND it has remained flattering after my weight loss. Which I am glad for as it would be reallllllllyyyy expensive to tailor, I’m afraid.****

Oct 30

Jacket, Vintage
Bag, Lucky
Dress, Jovovich Hawke for Target
Leggings, Target
Boots, Matisse
Necklace and earrings self made

*Kasmira has the ecru and it looks fabulous on her and NOT Too Little House on the Prairie at all.

**Bernadette and Erin and I had all gone to Target on our lunch break to scope out the Jovovich Hawke collection. And Erin tried on a swimsuit. With tights. And walked out to use the 3 way mirror, and then I laughed about it ALL day, and she went home, did a flashy jazz pose in the tights and swimsuit and sent a picture of it to my phone…and THIS memory is probably what I am ACTUALLY laughing at.

***This pose makes me think of my sister in law Michelle, who has a Bridal portrait in this pose. And looks fabulous enough to make a girl jealous doing it.

****Oh, nothing. I just really wanted another footnote. :D


Sal said...

Heh. If it were floor length, it might be too Little House ... but as it is, I say it's adorable.

yotababy said...

Wow, I really love that dress! And I agree that all black with the brown accessories is NICE.

Jane said...

You are right you look thin and curvy. I wish I had a dress that did it for me!

Nana Erin said...

OMG, WTW…The dress you wore Oct 24th makes you look TINY and jawdroppingly amazing. Bada Bing AND Boom. You in that dress was what reminded me to pull this one out and iron it!~

A said...

Wow, I thought the dress was absolutely adorable in the first picture, but then with that jacket it's like total perfection!! That jacket looks incredible on you.

The black almost looks blue to me for some reason--I wouldn't have known it was black if you hadn't mentioned it! Maybe I'm just weird though (okay, I'm definitely weird).

Nana Erin said...

It's not you Alannah, it's my camera/lighting combo. It makes black look blue. I get a lot of "pretty blues!" comments on my flickr. lol.

WendyB said...

I think you should add yet another footnote. Just because.

michelle said...

thanks for the shout out!

meanderingway said...

i remember doing a serious cleaning job on that jacket once, but yeah, it's a really nice vintage wool find. very classtacular.

Kasmira said...

I was looking at this post again and you must be taller than I am. The dress seems shorter on you...or did you shorten it?

Nana Erin said...


It's shorter on me. I'm 5"7". But my legs are long. So everything seems much shorter on me than everyone else. That's why I wear leggings most days instead of tights. It seems like more coverage. ;)