Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Summer Dress

...makes you more beautiful than the rest- Red House Painters

This is in fact, a summer dress. It's linen. But I don’t really separate my clothes by season. The extremes here in Texas aren’t all that extreme. And I like my summer dresses. I added a warm sweater, a slip and some leggings. When it gets colder, I can add a turtleneck and layer tights under the leggings, and throw on a coat.

Oct 29

I really wish I had remembered to open the sweater for a picture, as the dress has a really nice corset-y waistline. So pretty. I’ll show you next time.

Oct 29

Linen dress, Rogan for Target
Sweater, Victoria’s Secret
Leggings, Target
Boots, Arturo Chang
Necklace and earrings, Self made.


yotababy said...

I like that sweater a lot! I really need to restock my sweater collection...

And yeah, that's a nice thing about texas weather--you can pretty much wear your entire wardrobe all year long, with modifications.

Cammila said...

You are just too sweet for words and your whole blog is, in a word, ADORABLE! Added you right back. :)

Sal said...

Right on. Why limit wearage to a single season, when you can layer and accessorize it into a year-round garment?

A said...

I would totally wear summer dresses all year if I could, but most times our winters are really too cold!

That sweater is really different--I love it. I kind of ignore Victoria's Secret but maybe I shouldn't!

Anonymous said...

I love this sweater. I'm not so sure about the dress...I think the horizontalness of the plaid kinda ngates the flattering hourglass shape the sweater gives you...if you worre this with a solid color dress, it would be totally flattering I bet.

Jane said...

I agree with you about summer dresses. I wore my floral pink one today just as the first snows of the year fell.
I love the cardigan.

Anonymous said...

Your summer dress is so nice... I like this sweater too...