Monday, October 6, 2008

Boots Needed

I am looking for recommendations for dress boots (LEATHER) in brown.

I would prefer the color brown of my DELiA*s boots (they were slowly dying and Saturday they bit the dust). Mid heel, not too high, and $150 or less.

I know how to shop for vintage boots, but I always have so much trouble finding regular workaday dress boots. I LOVE the “Devon” from Victoria’s Secret, but they are unavailable.

Thanks ladies.

ETA: This is what I went with:

It's hard to see the details on these but they have little perforated lines across the calf and toe. Very sweet.

These still feel a little retro like my lost pair, and the detailing is nice.


hello jamie: said...

I like Nine West.

half1113 said...

try I saw some in the ad they emailed me this morning that reminded me of the DEliA's.

yotababy said...

Love the detail on the black ones--gorgeous!