Friday, October 24, 2008

Bunnies, Bunnies it must be BUNNIES…or maybe midgets…

There is really no excuse for these boots, ever.

Oct 24

There is no situation wherein one might need snow boots, that are ALSO a high heel, ALSO made of moon boot fabric, and ALSO an unflattering mid-calf height.

Oct 24

That said, I love these boots. I call them the “Boots of Supreme Ridiculousness”. They are FUN.

Oct 24

Bunnies!~ (close up of the shirt, which is the same pattern as the Bunny Dress.)

Oct 24

Scarf, American Apparel
Tee, Erin Featherston for Target
Jeans, Dear at Steve and Barry’s
Boots, No Boundaries at Wal-Mart
Jacket, Bona Drag


Kelly said...

I will give you a thousand dollars for that shirt

Sal said...

Perhaps no excuse for the boots, but the awesomeness of your shirt eclipses their excuselessness.

meanderingway said...

Today's outfit is sort a nice collection of "I'm dressed for cold weather but not really" clothes. Makes sense, since today will be cold but not really.

yotababy said...

Love the pose! And ridiculous clothes are always fun--hurrah for ridiculousness!

WendyB said...

I love the boots!

A said...

I am jealous of that shirt too. I totally missed that whole collection and every time you wear a piece from it I almost DIE because it's all adorable~!

I really adore it when you do a closeup of the patterns on your clothes too. <3

kiran said...

i have similar boots- mine are knee-high and brown, but have the same stupid heel, moon boot fabric, etc. i wore them out to brunch in a snowstorm last year and was convinced i would break my neck. nonetheless, they looked great and i can't justify wearing them unless it looks like i need them- so yeah, supreme ridiculousness is right. must be why i got them for $15 at urban outfitters!

haute hardware said...

remember when i was drunk and put on those boots that you'd since discarded? good times.

Elise said...

uhh, I love the title of this post <3 and I'm sure you'll love that at least SOMEONE got the reference :P